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Keys to Successfully Equipping Your Company With New Machines

By Luciano Rizzo - Sandvik Coromant Mexico
Managing Director


By Luciano Rizzo | Managing Director - Fri, 06/03/2022 - 11:00

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Over time, the needs of the market experience important changes and require machines that are capable of responding to them.

When making the decision to equip a facility with new machines, it is important that both installation and production are preceded by proper planning, smart investment and a well-thought-out implementation process.

Furthermore, when it comes to new machines/tools, few are purchased directly from the manufacturer as a complete, off-the-shelf package. In fact, around 70 percent of new machines are purchased without tools from machine tool suppliers, agents, or distributors.

This is why customers often forget to take into account the tooling factor, which could undoubtedly slow down the transition process, from the arrival of the machine to its full production run. To address this, companies like Sandvik Coromant offer a range of tool start-up kits designed to get new machines up and running straight away. If the customer buys a startup kit at the time he buys the machine, he can start making profits immediately and, in turn, reduce the payback period of the investment.

In addition to the installation, it is important to take into account certain aspects that will guarantee success:

1. Prior to the purchase, it is necessary to analyze what the current needs of your company are and listen to all the people involved in the manufacturing process so that the machines you acquire really solve those needs.

2. Get the most out of your purchase: If your machine starts producing parts from day one, the payback time will be much shorter.

3. Achieve greater productivity: It is not enough to make the purchase; today, it is imminent to take into account the entire process, from the raw material to the delivery of the finished product to the customer.

4. Put machines to work while you rest: This is a reality for CNC shops that combine automation and monitoring technologies. Certainly, the successful implementation of unattended manufacturing generally requires tools that provide the best performance and performance in addition to the help of digital tools. The solution can be achieved with advanced tools and software that support digital manufacturing, from planning and design to in-house machining and machining analysis.

5. Get advice from experts: The objective is to guarantee intelligent purchases and successful operational processes. Sandvik Coromant has highly trained experts who accompany you from start to finish in the process of investing in machinery through:

● Evaluation of parts, processes, and applications

● Assistance with studies of terms and cost per part

● Elaboration of a package of tools according to needs

● Plant application support

● Personalized training program so that the operators of each company learn to use the new machine and its tools

● Guarantee thanks to its research and testing facilities around the world and a global network of specialists

Today technology plays a key role in production processes; Thanks to digitalization, it is possible to have continuous access to data and information obtained from manufacturing analyses that allow improving production efficiency and achieving the optimization of resources that lead to better results.

According to EY, the myriad of digital solutions that form the foundation of a smart factory can enable manufacturers to build the resilience they need to minimize the impact of disruptions and maintain efficient operations in times of crisis. Specifically, digital solutions can help in four ways:

● Capture the knowledge of workers

● Allow better access to specialized knowledge

● Accelerate decision-making

● Process optimization

Given the advances we experience every day, it is essential to have cutting-edge machines that respond to new needs and even help create new opportunities. Equipping our company with new machines is not an easy decision; however, correct evaluation and planning, in addition to advice and support from experts in the field, will make the process reliable and much simpler, speeding up its operation and, consequently, the return on investment.

Photo by:   Luciano Rizzo

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