Alejandro Navarro Tovar
Mining Service Manager
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Komtrax Plus Instant Performance Data

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 13:33

Q: What role does Makomex play in the distribution of Komatsu products in Mexico?

A: In 2008 Marubeni Corporation, the Japanese company that owns Makomex, bought the Houston-based company WPI, acquiring with it the distribution license for Komatsu in Mexico. Komatsu has three distributors in Mexico; Makomex distributes small to medium-sized and mostly electric mining machinery of up to 100 tonnes, covering the region from Baja California down to Oaxaca and Veracruz; Road Machinery distributes electrical equipment for mining starting at 183 tonnes; and Equinova covers mostly the construction market. Komatsu’s distributors work very hard to become deeply involved in the different areas of product support. Today, Makomex has mining clients in the states of Colima, Michoacan, and Hidalgo, and we also have total responsibility for subcontractors in the states of Baja California and Sonora. Our role on each contract is not only to have 100% product availability, but also to provide reliable equipment. Oil leaks, malfunctioning hydraulic systems or bolts wearing down are examples of unacceptable product failures. Our success is based on providing reliable products to our mining clients, and in order to fulfill that role we take care of key elements such as regular operational training, maintenance planning and programming, performance of all programmed maintenance via daily inspections and failure detection, creating a good working environment, and providing specific tools for diagnostic and predictive maintenance. In Mexican mining the products that are most in demand are rigid trucks, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, and mobile tractors.

Q: How does Makomex’s product and service offering help the company’s customers to minimize maintenance costs and improve environmental performance?

A: Makomex is earning its clients’ trust by perfecting its service in all of their maintenance matters, allowing the client to focus on its main business of mineral production. We perform programmed maintenance that includes preventative actions, machinery inspections and failures being reported via our satellite system; satellite equipment monitoring is the biggest advantage that Komatsu has over its competitors. The system is known as Komtrax in the construction market, and in mining it is known as Komtrax Plus. Thanks to this system we are able to monitor the performance of every component and system in the entire unit, allowing for better control, faster maintenance diagnoses, and therefore diminishing down time on machinery. Among other features, our clients can access technical and operational data relating to the units, such as the quantity of material being loaded or the length of time it is idle for. Thanks to Komtrax Plus we know how the engine, the convertor, the transmission, the hydraulic system, and other systems are working. Manually, this service would take on average 10 hours. The goal is to be able to provide maintenance before the unit fails, and in the fastest possible time. Historically, major maintenance was programmed to be performed on the units after 10,000 hours of work, and it was later increased to 15,000. Thanks to the precise data that Komtrax Plus provides, Makomex now suggests major maintenance services to be carried out after 18,000 hours of work. We no longer have to disassemble the whole unit because we have up to date information on the performance levels of every component in the unit and we are able to treat problems both in advance and in a shorter time frame. In this area Makomex has a direct impact on its clients’ profitability.

Q: What are Makomex’s ambitions to strengthen its position in the Mexican mining industry?

A: Marubeni Corporation is already creating an advantage in the market and simplifying the service to our clients through its extended service network of 12 offices and five service centers throughout Mexico. Our efforts in training people are key to achieving continued growth, and we therefore continue to provide operational training programs with the aim of securing the performance of our equipment. The company offers a diverse portfolio of services, providing different solutions that respond to whatever the needs of our client may be. Makomex is working towards establishing a stronger position in the market, based among other elements on a product support strategy that reinforces the concept of reliability, and through our team of applications engineers, whose responsibility it is to match our technology with our clients’ requirements to find the lowest operational costs.