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Leading the Way for Mexican Mining Products

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 05/20/2021 - 12:54

Q: What factors led to the founding of Power Lube in 2017 and how has the company evolved since then?

A: Forty years ago, we started as a company called LUFHISSA and obtained experience in the development and manufacturing of lubrication products in several markets. We first started in the metal working market, offering high-quality products while competing against powerful companies such as Houghton. Our successful evolution led us to expand into different industries. We have been working in the mining industry for the past four years and offer stakeholders high-quality products at a reasonable price, especially in the area of distribution where there are no other manufacturers producing similar products.


Q. What specific solutions does Power Lube offer the mining Industry?

A: Originally, our contribution was in the exploration phase developing already existing products. Today, we develop products such as diamond drilling rod grease, food grade grease for core extraction, drilling oils, polymer solutions for cleaning and well sealing. When we started, we were in the assembly industry and often would work with big companies. Years later, we made the decision to compete directly in the market because we knew we had strong potential to succeed. Power Lube began developing lubrication products four years ago.


Q. What challenges have you faced in the market as a Mexican company?

A: Our clients are very happy with our products but it has been a bit challenging because certain clients consider products that are not made in Mexico as more advanced, which is not necessarily the case. We experienced a period of adaptation and went through a learning curve in the market to offer the highest-quality products.


People in the mining sector are willing to give new products a chance by trying them out. When clients realize that our products work well in the field, they start taking them more seriously. Many clients have also visited our manufacturing plants and witnessed our staff’s professionalism. 


Some of our products, like rod grease, had never been manufactured in Mexico. Now, it seems to be the other way around. We export that same product to eight countries, while in Mexico we have a market share of between 40 and 50 percent. We are exporting to China, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Africa and Peru.  We had plans to expand to Russia, but that is on standby due to the pandemic. Our company will continue to demonstrate the flexibility and diversity of our products, that they can be applied in extreme weather conditions.


Q. How does the company adapt to its client’s needs?

A: When we visit our clients, we obtain information on the equipment they are using, as well as the production plan for their mining operations. We have four labs where we develop our lubrication products. One of the labs is exclusively for the mining sector. As a result, we can create products such as raw material, as well as manufacture final products that have their own certificates. These certifications guarantee the quality of our products. In addition, over 70 people are working in our customer services department. This allows us to standardize the quality of our products, which are all certified by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).


Q. How important is the development stage for your products?

A: Our development stage is essential. It is also a big reason why we have successfully positioned ourselves in the mining industry. I have to recognize our laboratory staff for designing and developing products in record time. We have 40 years of experience dedicated to the production and design of industrial lubricants, of course, but what they have achieved is truly impressive. They translate all the information we collect from the field and turn that information into a solution.


Q. What is Prodrill and what are its benefits?

Prodrill is a new company that specializes in high-quality tool manufacturing for the mining sector. This company serves as a complement to our range of lubrication products offered through Power Lube, ultimately allowing us to offer a more complete solution to our clients.


Q. What should the mining sector expect from Power Lube this year?

We will be there for our clients, providing stronger support for the industry. Clients already identify us as a promising and valuable Mexican alternative. Gradually, we are carrying the Mexican flag through our products to more countries around the world. We hope to continue to set an example at Power Lube by promoting good quality Mexican products.

Power Lube will continue to offer high-quality, fair-priced Mexican products that are considered a good investment for our clients. 


Q. With all the uncertainties surrounding the mining industry, how does Power Lube see the future of the mining industry in Mexico?

The mining industry in Mexico is somewhat uncertain. Nevertheless, this is something that happens in all mining countries. We have to remain calm and be patient. It is true that the upper levels of government may not understand the investment impact that foreign mining companies have. These companies do not come to Mexico and dig up minerals with their bare hands, they bring important investments that turns into benefits for neighboring communities, such as improving their quality of life. 


Power Lube is a Mexican company founded in 2017. It specializes in the design and manufacturing of lubricity alternatives, especially for the demanding processes in the mining sector.

Paloma Duran Paloma Duran Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst