Monserrat Montesinos
View from the Top

Linking Manufacturers’ Solutions with End-User Needs

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 13:22

Q: In what part of the mining cycle does DICISA offer the most value and why?
A: The mining industry represents particular challenges due to its locations and demanding operations, and the goal is to optimize production and reduce costs. The supply chain has to be aligned to these needs and this is our role and the value we provide. We provide advice, technical support and reliable delivery service.
Our mandate is to provide power distribution, control and lighting solutions. Based on our 35 years of experience in the mining segment, we have achieved a specialized and consolidated offering and our trajectory attests to our dependability. Our clients can rest assured that we will deliver on time and with the highest quality. Our goal is to be recognized as a trustworthy solutions provider.
As an equipment supplier, we support our clients in the definition of the appropriate solution according to the manufacturer’s offering. We are the link between end users’ needs and manufacturer’s solutions. Our business model is based on our proximity to our clients. Our regular face-to-face contact allows us to identify their needs and suggest solutions to improve their performance, all underpinned by the business alliances we have with the global manufacturers we represent.
Q: How do your services promote safer operations?
A: Security is a very important element for electric equipment in mine operations. It has many implications, such as interrupting operations, production losses and especially operator security. Dealing with demanding operations, workers are exposed to potential electrical injuries, and technology becomes critical to increase safety. We are key partners for mine operators to mitigate risks. Understanding their processes gives us the context to offer better solutions. In line with this concept, 10 years ago we started developing a ground fault protection panel board, known as Centinela. This solution, which will interrupt electrical supply in the event of a failure, is used to protect operators in underground mines and to ensure the continuity of operations in a safe way.
Q: What are the main areas of opportunity for increasing the industry’s competitivity and what is your role in accomplishing this goal?
A: We have to adapt and take advantage of the new technologies that emerge, such as industry 4.0 or IOT. Our role as a channel supplier is to incorporate manufacturers’ innovations into our customers daily operations. DICISA also acts as a logistics partner as our value relies on timely delivery, so we also have to adapt and use these new technologies to improve our supply chain management.
As a Mexican company our strong values drive all our services, with the support of all the global firms we work with. We are perceiving an upturn in the industry, so we expect good times ahead. Our resilience to these cycles and our ability to work with our clients through the good and bad times has been crucial to remaining well-positioned in the market. We are very focused on the mining industry and we want to use our industry expertise to grow our market participation.
Q: What role can women play in the mining industry and how can the sector become more inclusive?
A: I think in the mining industry, as well as in every other industry, women have to continue increasing their participation. It is proven and well-known that gender inclusion brings many benefits to any industry as it brings to the table different perspectives and sensibilities, and enriches any environment. Although the mining industry has been characteristically masculine, I have perceived a growing participation of women in many different activities in the last 10 years. We still have a long way to go, as female participation is still very low, but we must break paradigms and include both men and women to progress and be more competitive.