Miguel Gordaliza
General Manager of Vibrotech Engineering
Vibrotech Engineering
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Low Maintenance, Long-Lasting Tailor-Made Equipment

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 17:54

Q: How do you guarantee the provision of quick and high-quality maintenance even in the most remote mines?
A: We usually work with big operators that are very cautious. This means they often require a robust stock of spare parts to reduce the possibility of downtime. We do not have specialized technical service centers in all the countries we work, as we work all across the globe and this would be burdensome for us. But we do have brand representatives with the best technical training so they can directly solve minor issues locally. In case of a major problem, our headquarters in Spain are only 12 hours away and we are ready to send our technicians to solve issues.
Our manufacturing plant is in the Valley of Trapaga, in Spain, and we are also associated with several workshops in San Sebastian. We are partnering with a company that develops mills from Bilbao and are evaluating the possibility of acquiring it in the future. This partnership will help us provide the complete spectrum of machinery installation for ore processing, from sieves and crusher to mills. Also, we have two commercial partners in Mexico. IMAF collaborates with us for the steelmaking and foundry sectors, and TEASA for mining. The former is also our close ally for other segments in Mexico, such as recycling. Vibrotech performs all the technical aspects and TEASA handles the commercial part alongside our commercial directors.
Q: How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors that offer similar products?
A: Vibrotech is proud to compete against the best machinery suppliers worldwide. Our designs are just as modern and efficient. The dollar-euro parity has been positive for our business and along with the low cost of labor in Spain, we remain competitive in the market. But the quality of our equipment is the main differentiator. Our machines can adjust to different terrains to better address the needs of our clients. We do not provide our customers with what we have to offer but with what they need. We have standard machines, but we also have the ability to design tailor-made solutions for a given client’s specific problem. We are very agile in delivering quality at a commercial, engineering and productive level.