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Mammoth Resources To Drill Diamonds on Tenoriba Project

By Antonio Trujillo | Wed, 09/15/2021 - 11:10

Canada-based Mammoth Resources has announced the start of diamond drilling at their Tenoriba Project. The company aims to “acquire and define precious metals in Mexico,” and it seems they’re sticking to their plan. On Tuesday, Mammoth announced that they are pleased to start drilling for diamonds in their Tenoriba Project in Chihuahua, a gold-silver project located in the Sierra Madre Mountain range, also known as the “precious metal belt.” The current drill planning, part of a geological survey carried out by IP/Mag, is testing five different target zones, which range in size from hundreds of meters to several kilometers, all identified along a 4km gold-silver trend.

The targets were 3D-modeled based on surface and other geophysical data. An initial 2 or 4 holes will be drilled in each target zone, with testing taking place and results analyzed before moving on to the next, in order to ensure conditions are appropriate. Testing will take place at the Carneritos area of the project. The company expects to have results to report before the end of October. Shareholders, they added, will be kept posted on drilling activity and its respective testing.

These plans are happening in the middle of a heavy rain season, which has led to extreme measures to be put in place to ensure the safety of workers and the correct functioning of the machinery. President and CEO of Mammoth Resources Thomas Atkins, commented: “We knew mobilizing and establishing drill water supply lines to the rigs during the middle of the rainy season was going to be challenging. This challenge was measured against low shareholder support that the Company wait until October, when the rainy season normally ends, to begin this work.”

At the end, plans were carried out. Mr. Atkins explained that since it is impossible to predict weather conditions on a year-to-year basis, it would be useless to stop or delay work. Last year, he added, rain was not particularly high during this same season, compared to this year, which has already seen heavy rain due to mid-year hurricanes. Atkins assured that every time it rained, roads and infrastructure would be repaired. “We're hoping the drillers will continue to get some breaks in the weather that will allow drill production to be sustained as the rainy season tapers, this tapering expected to occur later this month and into October."

Tenoriba is composed of four concessions, measuring over 5,300 hectares in southwestern Chihuahua, Mexico. Other companies have worked at the site, most notably the US$2 million investment by Masuparia Gold Corporation back in 2007.

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