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Media Luna to Adhere to the Clean Industry Program

By Fernando Mares | Thu, 06/09/2022 - 14:14

Torex Gold ratified its subsidiary Minera Media Luna's adherence to the Clean Industry Program, launched by the Federal Attorney's Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA). The company furthermore committed to further improve its social and environmental programs. 

During a ceremony to commemorate the World Environment Day, Faysal Rodríguez, Vice President, Torex Gold Mexico, mentioned that the company aimed to follow the International Cyanide Management Code and also announced its compliance with PROFEPA’s program. 

Faysal expressed its interest in participating in water supply programs for Chilpancingo, a city suffering from increasing droughts. Torex also invested in the creation of wetland systems for communities in Guerrero.

“[We talked] with the [local] Minister of the environment, Ángel Almazán, about the actions we can carry out to guarantee the water supply in the long term for Chilpancingo. We wish to cooperate to solve Iguala’s water scarcity problem. To address this issue, we must create an Integral Management System, because water delivery is critical for regions of Guerrero,” Faysal added.

Faysal recognized that goodwill can lead to sustainable action, but he recognized that the work done by all levels of government, organizations and the private sector is still insufficient to reduce the water stress that the local communities experience. Therefore, future generations will have to find new ways to truly solve the problem. Nevertheless, Torex Gold will continue to collaborate with communities and carry out environmentally-minded projects through its subsidiary. “We commit to operating differently, because we will stay in Guerrero for many years and want to work transparently,” Faysal said.

In May 2022, Torex Gold announced an investment of over US$800 million to be implemented from May 2022 to 4Q24 to develop the Media Luna Project, extending its useful life until 2033. The company has increased its efforts to make its processes greener by acquiring hybrid vehicles for both the Media Luna and Morelos projects, as well as building a solar plant for Morelos’ operations. 

The National Program for Environmental Audit (PNAA), better known as the Clean Industry Program, was created by PROFEPA in 1992. It consists of a series of activities to encourage environmental audits. Companies can comply voluntarily, but the benefits of this compliance facilitate meeting the current environmental legislation and support companies to improve their production processes, competitivity and environmental performance.

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Photo by:   Bart Van Dijk
Fernando Mares Fernando Mares Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst