Mexico Mining Forum 2021
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Mexico Mining Forum 2021

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Alejandro Enríquez By Alejandro Enríquez | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/11/2021 - 18:13

Mexico Mining Forum went digital for its 2021 edition. More than 700 industry leaders and stakeholders participated in this two-day event hosted by Mexico Business. Highlights include Tatiana Clouthier, Mexican Minister of Economy as the opening speaker.

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Mining, Essential Industry for Mexico: Tatiana Clouthier.

Mexico’s Minister of Economy Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo said 2020 was a very challenging and difficult year for the world. Mexico was no exception. “We expect the industry will continue to face past challenges, in addition to the new ones, in 2021," she said.

2020: A Year Full of Challenges for the Mining Sector

The panel, “2021: A Year of Rebirth for Mexico's Mining Industry?” focused on the main challenges the industry faced in 2020 and the strategies that institutions implemented to address them. Panelists include Fernando Alanis from CAMIMEX, Armando Ortega from CANCHAM, Armando Alatorre from CIMMGM, Esther Arzate from Mexico Minero and Doris Vega from Women in Mining Mexico.

Social, Environmental Best Practices Enable Mine of the Future

As the industry worries about more sustainable practices, experts discuss prevalent issues regarding how mines can improve their environmental, social and governance criteria and how they can utilize technologies to participate in a decarbonized society.

Miners Get Real About Mexico’s Mining Industry

A panel of stakeholders in the Mexican mining industry addressed the positive and negative aspects of the national investment landscape. Speakers included Sonoro Gold Corp, Riverside Resources, Reyna Silver, Capitan Mining, Southern Silver Exploration, Defiance Silver and Minera Zalamera.

ESG Criteria and Technological Developments Key for Top Mines

Moderated by Dean McPherson, Global Head of Mining at the TMX Group, the seven panelists, involved in precious metal mining in the country, discussed various topics regarding operations in Mexico, ranging from investment and ESG issues to technological developments.

The Path From Mining to Decarbonization

The panel, “The Road to Decarbonization: Innovative Haulage Systems,” focused on the industry’s transition to decarbonization, its challenges and the benefits it could obtain by incorporating new technologies. ICMM, Torex Gold Resources, GFS Corp, Engie, Epiroc and Sandvik took part in the conversation.

Getting Into the Nitty Gritty of Automation

An increasing number of digitalization and automation technologies and services will have to be implemented into the daily functioning of the mining industry for it to be able to address its most pressing challenges. Alejandro Espejel, Head of Smart Services at FLSmidth, and Alejandro Herrera, Mining Sales Director for Mexico & Central America at FLSmidth, addressed the topic in detail.

ESG Practices Are Here to Stay

The panel, “Precious Metals Market and the ESG Investment Revolution," focused on ESG practices and the importance of investors in their implementation. Heads of World Gold Council, Accendo Banco, The Silver Institute, MJG Capital Fund, Coast Capital Management, and Principles for Responsible Investment, participated in the conversation.

What Lies Behind Mexico's Precious Metals Success?

The panelists, all leaders of some of Mexico’s most successful mining projects, initiated an intimate conversation regarding their personal backgrounds and what drives their companies’ success. Speakers include Sonoro Gold Corp, Orla Mining, Minera Alamos and Kootenay Silver.

Expert Guidance for Building an Integral Mining Project in Mexico

How can public bodies support mining companies to comply with ESG and environmental standards? This was the main topic of the “Expert Guidance for Building an Integral Mining Project in Mexico” panel.

Data to Optimize Mining Operations

In an effort to help companies optimize mining operations, Alexis Perrusquía, Regional Marketing Supervisor for LATAM at Thermo Fisher Scientific, presented the panel, "Advanced Control of Mining Operations: From Data to Knowledge," which focused on the company’s products and services and the many technologies involved in providing reliable and accurate data.

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