Mexico Mining Forum 2022 ECHO Grabs the Spotlight
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Mexico Mining Forum 2022 ECHO Grabs the Spotlight

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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 07/07/2022 - 09:49

Mexico Mining Forum 2022 ECHO (MMF 2022 ECHO) grabbed the spotlight this week, with industry leaders gathering to discuss the most important challenges, opportunities and trends redefining the sector. Moreover, while many countries have environmental concerns about deep sea mining, Mexico has sided with those who support its development.

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Clouthier Emphasizes Mining’s Importance at MMF 2022 ECHO

Mexico Mining Forum 2022 ECHO, hosted by Mexico Business on June 6, 2022, kicked off with a statement by Minister of Economy Tatiana Clouthier, who joined the conversation and highlighted the importance of the sector in the national and international economy.

Challenges Herald a Transformational Period in Mining

In the context of a global energy transition, the world’s industries continue to depend on the mining sector to get the necessary minerals and raw materials. While new business opportunities have appeared in the mining environment with the introduction of new technologies, experts believe the challenges Mexico’s mining sector faces remain the same.

Read more on “Opportunities Outlook: The Future of Mining” here.

Communities Remain a Priority for Rule of Law

Environmental and social best practices have become a priority for mining executives around the world. In Mexico, this is no exception. However, companies looking to meet these high standards must overcome hurdles like a lack of new mining concessions, higher scrutiny on tax payments and the industry reforms of President López Obrador. Nevertheless, experts believe communities will remain key in this shifting regulation.

Read more on “Operating Environment and the Rule of Law in the Mexican Mining Industry” here. 

Sustainably Transforming Sapuchi From Copper to Gold

Canadian company Osisko Development transformed its San Antonio mining project through its subsidiary Sapuchi Minera in Sonora, developing it from passively environmentally friendly to fully sustainable. Read here the full highlights of the panel. 

Technology Will Boost Effective Mining ESG Implementation

To respond to pressure from governments, investors and NGOs alike, the mining sector is increasingly addressing ESG issues as a priority matter. As these objectives to reduce carbon emissions and increase workers’ safety become clear, technology will further cement the adoption of ESG factors in the mining industry, agreed experts. 

Read more on “Tech’s Potential as a Catalyst for Effective ESG Implementation” here.

Government Must Solve Mineral Title Issue: Almaden Minerals

The Canada-based silver and gold-producing company Almaden Minerals announced that the Ministry of Economy was officially notified of the Supreme Court’s (SCJN) decision regarding the status of the company’s mineral claims. A draft decision rules that the Mexican Mineral Title Law is constitutional, but that the Ministry should have enabled an indigenous consultation procedure with nearby communities.

Several Countries Call for the Suspension of Deep-Sea Mining

Concerned about the environmental damage that deep-sea mining could cause to marine biodiversity around the world, countries such as France, Fiji and Chile have called for these activities to be suspended. Members of the government’s opposition have said that while Latin America has generally pushed for ocean conservation, Mexico has moved in the opposite direction.

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