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MHI Global Partners Provides Key Mining Equipment

OSCAR OVERLEY - MHI Global Partners
Business Director


Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 04/29/2021 - 11:36

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Q: What are the company top goals in the mining sector?

A: We have strongly positioned ourselves in the mining market and seek to provide the best integral solutions to our clients. We offer excellent equipment and also provide technical support, which includes training, installation and spare parts. MHI has four categories: operational excellence consulting; spare parts for underground and surface mining equipment that are alternative and for OEMs; pumps; and a plant that includes mills and wear parts.

Our technologies can be used in any mine and also in the oil and cement industries. We want to be among the 10 best suppliers in the mining sector within the next five years. This is why we are working with the total cost of ownership, which means that we offer products of the highest quality at the best price. We help our clients reduce costs and prolong the life of their operations, which is beneficial not only for our clients but also for the country, due to the increase in employment that these technologies can bring.

Q: How does the company offer the best products at the best price?

A: We are passionate about mining and its heavy equipment, and as a result, we have a customer-centric service vision. In terms of analysis, we are experts due to our commercial and intellectual alliance with the Brazilian and Swiss company Águila, which has an operational service methodology that implements analyses to maximize resources and increase productivity. By applying its technology, we can create systems that help us analyze data regarding production and costs, among others.

Q: What is one of the company’s success stories and what was MHI’s contribution?

A: a mining company in Oaxaca, was generating energy for its mine using Caterpillar 3516B generators, so we offered them a power line from Oaxaca to the mine, which is a distance of around 68km. Through CFE and contractors, and with an investment of $5.5 million, we were able to build this line and generate an investment return in 10 months. Currently, the company is saving $600,000 per month. This provided two important solutions for the company: it significantly reduced costs and decreased its environmental impact.

Q: How is the company strengthening its position in the Mexican mining sector?

A: We are incorporating new categories within pumping systems because the industry not only pumps out liquids but also pulp so we are also specializing in these types of pumps. We have also been adding heavy equipment, such as loaders, shovels and low-profile trucks, and we offer a 24/7 service. We also constantly train our employees and optimize processes.

We have strengthened our contracts and alliances with other countries, so that knowledge and technology are transferred between them. As a result, those countries with less technology can become more productive. Right now, we are working with the Nicaraguan company Condor Gold for a Dominican company to provide drilling and mining services – this helps share knowledge and reduce costs.

We are also seeking alliances in the northern part of the country with coal mining companies like Aceros del Norte and Sigmun. We have conducted field visits and analyzed the materials they offer to international companies.

Q: What is your business plan in Mexico for 2021?

A: We are creating synergies with companies that produce internationally. Our goal is to represent them and promote their products and services in Mexico. We also want to increase our sales and for this year, we project a total growth of 30-35 percent. Furthermore, we will move our headquarters from Oaxaca to Mexico City, where we can improve our 24-hour service. If a mine stops or has problems, we will be able to get there faster because of the communication and connection that the city provides. We are training our employees to provide better technical solutions and due to the circumstances caused by the pandemic, we are placing a great deal of emphasis on the safety of our workers, which is the most important factor for us.

We are creating a productive alliance for foreign products to be manufactured in Mexico and compete with transnational companies, while creating jobs for local residents. For this project, we have already had meetings with European and Asian companies and we have come up with amazing ideas that we hope can be implemented in one to two years. We also want to work for a year in Asia so that our team learns new processes and techniques.

  Mining & Heavy Industry Global Partners (MHI Global Partners) is a provider of pumps and spare parts for heavy industrial equipment in the mining market.


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