Mine-Wall Movement Under Control

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 11:29

Mining is known to be a risky business. Whether open pit or underground, a mine can unexpectedly collapse, posing a fatal risk to workers. But today, human lives do not have to be in danger within mine sites. Available technology means wall movements can be monitored, guaranteeing safety while maximizing productivity.
Pioneering in real-time and remote monitoring to predict collapses, GroundProbe technology can understand when wall movements become a problem. Its solutions for all slope stability needs have effectively detected the acceptable amount, shape and degree of wall movement for hundreds of mine sites across the globe. Monitoring solutions ensure customers are able to maximize mine site productivity whilst enhancing high safety standards.
Breaking ground on radar technologies, GroundProbe brand was launched in 2001, coinciding with the patented Slope Stability Radar’s (SSR) commercialization. Now the firm has systems in 29 countries and Mexico is its newest office across the globe. All its monitoring solutions use the same visualization, analysis and alarming software (SSR-Viewer) to collect and process complex data. Users are enabled to see what has moved, when and to predict the time of a mine failure.
But given how varied the conditions can be in different mine sites, ensuring safety requires tailored-made radars for each context. For high-risk areas, which pose the potential or immediate threat of collapse, the SSR-XT is targeted to provide highly-accurate safety-critical monitoring. For wide-range monitoring, the SSR-FX was launched in 2014 as a broad-range solution. It covers vast mine areas for longer periods, providing customers with geotechnical peace of mine and of mind. When aiming for background monitoring at long distances, the long-range, high-resolution SSR-SARx monitoring is the most useful ally.
Taking the next step in radar technologies, GroundProbe combined the precision of a radar with the benefits of a laser. The outcome was the GML-Underground. Launched in 2017, this solution has geotechnical convergence monitored in underground mines by detecting rock and ground support movement with sub-millimeter accuracy. Also, the Geotech Monitoring Station (GSM) added LiDAR-based technology to the company’s range of open-cut solutions. It specializes in background monitoring in open-cut pits and highly-vegetated slopes, detecting and measuring deformation on tailings dams, dumps and cuttings.