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Minimizing the Impact of Maintenance

By Paloma Duran | Fri, 05/28/2021 - 17:03

Q: What is the company’s business proposal for the Mexican mining sector?

A: We manufacture vibrating machinery of all kinds for various industrial sectors, including mining. Unlike other American or European manufacturers, we offer a wide range of machinery. We cover the entire spectrum of machinery, both at the level of transport and material selection. Our machines can be used for all types of minerals, but we specialize in gold, silver, bronze and other products such as lime. It is also important to highlight that, despite having a range of standard products, we are able to adapt to the client’s needs. This is an advantage compared to our competitors who have a standard line of machines and do not manufacture other brands. We provide personalized solutions, in which we design and manufacture according to the client’s needs.

Q: What benefits does Vibrotech’s machinery offer?

A: We offer production improvements and minimize the impact of maintenance for companies. With our machines, we provide companies better performance and savings on labor. We also continuously endeavor to reduce the power usage of our equipment and abide by all quality and operational parameters, which saves energy and lowers costs for our clients.

Q: How do you ensure high quality in your machinery?

A: We have very specific procedures, in which we perform checklists to review the entirety of the manufacturing process, from the design, through the welding process, followed by the verification and assembly process. The point of all these processes is to manufacture a machine that has the highest quality and to ensure the total security of its functions.

Q: What factors led the company to enter Mexico and participate in the mining sector?

A: The fundamental reason is that Mexico is a leading country for the extraction of minerals. Another reason is that we have a common language and culture; we consider this opportunity a good bet because we understand each other well.

Q: What challenges and opportunities have you encountered in Mexico?

A: There are many good opportunities in the market due to the abundance of minerals. The main challenge is in competing with our American and European competitors due to their high-quality products. We have learned a great deal over the years and now we are at the same level.

Q: What is the company’s commercial and service network like?

A: We have representatives in Europe and North America. In Mexico, we have an office in the State of Mexico, as well as a team of professionals that specialize in product maintenance and machine installation. At the moment, we are not looking to expand our facilities in the country. Our goal for 2021 is to increase our market share in Mexico, especially in the mining sector. However, right now we are more focused on investing resources in the US rather than in Mexico.

Q: How did the pandemic affect your plans in the country?

A: Due to the pandemic, we were unable to travel, and the lockdown affected our business because we work globally and have many projects. It was not a bad year, it was normal in terms of billing, and this year it has been particularly good. We think that by the middle of the year we will be able to strengthen our commercial relations in Mexico.

Q: What project are you currently working on in Mexico?

A: We are working with lime groups in the Mexican market, replacing rubber conveyor belts with vibratory resonance channels at the exit of the calcining kilns, which minimizes the cost of maintenance.

Q: What are the company's short-term priorities for the Mexican mining sector?

A: Our priority is to expand our participation in the Mexican mining market. We want to continue consolidating what we already have and improve results through synergies with Mexican companies and strengthening commercial relations.

Q: What innovation projects is the company working on?

A: For the past two years we have been working on R&D projects. In 2021, we are focusing more on the steel sector. However, this year we are planning to provide the mining sector with good maintenance and commercial services.

Paloma Duran Paloma Duran Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst