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Mining Companies Awarded for their Social Impact

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 05/25/2021 - 16:26

Every year mining companies with the best social programs and initiatives are recognized  by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) with the distinctive Socially Responsible Company award (ESR). In 2021, 29 CAMIMEX-affiliated companies received this distinction representing more than 50 percent of Mexico's mining value.

Fernando Alanís, President of CAMIMEX, explained that the ESR is a recognition for socially responsible mining companies that generate a positive impact where they operate. Alanis emphasized that the mining sector has developed many social and environmental programs that aim for transparency and responsibility within the communities.

Evodio Sánchez, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at CEMEFI, said that mining is a fundamental industry due to its social contribution which is incredibly significant, especially in marginalized communities, where development has been substantial for them.

According to CAMIMEX's 2020 Sustainability Report, in 2019 its affiliated companies spent US$87.94 million on social development programs, benefiting  1.5 million people. Meanwhile, the sector invested US$457.7 million in sustainability initiatives and US$375.2 million in environmental programs. Likewise, the sector spent US$76.06 million in training and internal development programs for its employees.

In addition, CAMIMEX’s report highlights there are 36 municipalities that represent 75 percent mining production value, which have a higher Human Development Index (HDI) and a Social Lag Index (IRS) lower than the national average.

Among the 29 recognized companies are Industria Peñoles, which has obtained this recognition for 20 consecutive years; Agnico Eagle Mexico and Newmont with 14 years; Fresnillo and Pan American Silver with 13 years; Minera Autlán with 12 years; Minera Frisco and Coeur Mexicana with 11 years; and ArcelorMittal México, Capstone and First Majestic with 10 years each.

 An example of the positive social impact the mining industry has on communities is  Agnico Eagle’s water project in Yepachic, which it won the TSM Community Engagement Excellence Award.  The project required a pump that runs on electricity from 60 solar panels, the implementation of 6 km of piping to create a new water network and more than 200 household accesses for water.

Agnico Eagle’s success in ensuring clean water and implementing responsible water management in the community means Yepachic’s population of 1,120 now has direct access to clean water which brings along a better quality of life.

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Photo by:   Agnico Eagle
Paloma Duran Paloma Duran Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst