Mining Technology that Meets Military Standards

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 13:35

Modern exploration methods have enabled mining companies to discover and locate mineral deposits far below the ground’s surface, which require advanced technologies in order to be accessed and exploited. “Companies are keen to find the right innovations that can boost their productivity and reduce operational risks,” says Marcos Rosiles, General Manager at Oldenburg Latin America, a global supplier of engineered heavy equipment and architectural lighting products.

The military industry is known to be at the forefront of technological innovation, and many of the most noticeable technological innovations have been motivated by warfare. Moreover, providing services to this industry is no easy task, since it entails the highest levels of engineering and manufacturing quality. Since its inception in 1982, Oldenburg has supported the US Department of Defense and the US Navy with its full range of engineering capabilities. After several years of working for the military, the company decided to enter into other industries such as mining. Its ability to comply with military standards and requirements helped Oldenburg to satisfy mining industry norms. “Our positioning in the military industry has propelled our capacity to innovate in other markets. Every industry has its own challenges, but thanks to our technological capabilities we have been able to help our clients overcome them all,” Rosiles remarks.

Oldenburg is involved in several stages of mine engineering and development, participating in these areas with a wide range of rock drills, drill jumbos, and roof bolters, which have earned a reputation among mine operators for their simplicity of use, rugged reliability, and low cost per meter drilled. The company also supplies ANFO trucks with maximum boom reach and utility vehicles that serve as complements for cannon drills and bolters, which have been purpose-built and designed to meet rugged environments such as those found in underground mining. “Our mining clients are very pleased with our jumbo drills and scalers because of the safety and efficiency they provide,” says Rosiles.

The company is very concerned with its personnel safety and of those operating the machinery. “Our safety philosophy goes beyond ISO certifications, this is what makes us a military contractor and attractive to mining companies,” Rosiles highlights. Besides designing comfortable, robust, and fireproof machines, Oldenburg ensures that all personnel count with technical capacities to operate the machines under the highest security standards. “We have learned from the military industry, from the operators, and even from our competitors how to improve our technology. For us there is nothing more valuable than life, so we work hard to protect it,” he adds.