Juan Manríquez
Former Sales Engineer Northern Mexico
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Mining’s Safety Net

Wed, 10/16/2019 - 16:57

Q: Why should the industry choose Geobrugg over other safety equipment options?
A: Our mission is to increase the security level of a mine operation. By working with our systems, miners can enhance the physical safety of their workers. Geobrugg has broad experience in protecting the industry against collapses and rock bursts through steel meshes and barriers. Steel is the main feedstock of our products given its higher tensile strength and slow deformation compared to concrete. The mesh can be manufactured in several ways, the most common in mining being a rhomboid using simple torsion. Also, our solutions are more sustainable as they do not use concrete, which releases significantly more contaminant carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than steel.
Q: What is the added value that Geobrugg adds to a mine operation?
A: The main added value of our meshes and nets is the high resistance to tension. Geobrugg standard products have more than 18,000 kg/cm2 tensile strength, that compared to the traditional 4,200 kg/cm2, gives us a major winning point. We need smaller diameters of wire to fulfill the requirements of the project. Our products are reliable and safe and our supply is quick.
Q: What are your most popular solutions in Mexican mining?
A: Our most popular solutions for the industry are soil reinforcement systems used to stabilize any cavity or excavation. While accidents in mining are unpredictable and we cannot guarantee that the soil will behave in a certain way, we can prevent collapses through a deeper stabilization.