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MMF 2022 ECHO: A Path Toward Operational Enhancement

By Karin Dilge | Tue, 06/28/2022 - 18:19

Technology, innovation, indigenous communities and ESG compliance are recurrent and crucial topics for the mining industry. Experts and leaders of the sector will discuss and provide guidelines to mining companies in Mexico looking to implement new technology to increase efficiency. Meanwhile, companies seek guidance on indigenous consultations and corporations look to strengthen their ESG criteria. Join the Mexico Mining Forum (MMF) 2022 ECHO to learn about these and other hot-button mining issues.

The relationship between indigenous communities and mining companies has proven to be key to maintaining a mining project in Mexico. As the social landscape of the mining sector becomes more complex, it is important for miners to recognize that communities now have a strong voice and need to be closely involved in what happens on their land in order to develop win-win relationships. How mining companies can structure their community approach in order for both miners and communities be able to reap the benefits of mining activities will be one of the main questions answered during MMF 2022 ECHO.

In Mexico, the matter is becoming increasingly relevant, as mining operations are often the only development alternative for marginalized communities, with many located in places that are difficult to access. Consequently, mining has the opportunity to become a true social ally. However, experts assure that this will only happen if better dialogues are created and a positive framework is established.

Moreover, Mexico’s competitiveness and investment attractiveness regarding the mining sector is dropping, not only due to political uncertainty but also due to an increase in insecurity. Although the government has announced that it is stepping up efforts to address some of the county's major problems, experts do not believe the panorama will improve any time soon.

According to the Fraser Institute's Investment Attraction Index, Mexico ranked 38th among 84 countries in 2019, 42nd in 2020 and 34th in 2021. Despite this recent improvement, experts argue that Mexico’s drop in mining investment has not only been due to regulatory changes, but also due to increased insecurity concerns. In both the 2020 and 2021 indexes, Mexico ranked 73rd out of 88 countries in the security section, therefore lowering the country’s score significantly. During MMF 2022 ECHO, the most pressuring security challenges for miners and how companies can be better prepared in the current insecure landscape will be discussed.

In addition, experts are set to discuss the trend of intertwining ESG approaches and advanced technology to shape the future of mining innovation. Automatization, digitalization, and electrification are transforming the way in which mines operate. Despite the reluctance toward innovation experienced in the mining sector, its implementation has demonstrated positive impacts on safety and financial results. Although the mining sector has improved its safety, with accidental deaths dropping to an all-time low in 2019. Nevertheless, there are still areas of opportunity as mining remains one of the industries with the highest fatality rates.

Mexico Business is proud to extend an invitation to Mexico Mining Forum 2022 ECHO, a flagship gathering of the industry’s most important leaders and investors. A ticket to the forum will grant you access to the sector’s most important discussions and the stakeholders that are defining them. Taking place on July 6, 7 and 8, the summit will provide space to develop new business opportunities.

Mexico Mining Forum 2022 ECHO will bring together the public and private sectors of the industry in a way that will prove informative to one of Mexico’s most complex and economically relevant industries.

Photo by:   Darmau Lee
Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst