MMF 2023: Data Management and Intelligent Automation
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MMF 2023: Data Management and Intelligent Automation

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Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 01/26/2023 - 11:21

As the digital revolution is altering the mining industry, processes are becoming more efficient through technology. An area of opportunity for mining operators is operational productivity since mines often struggle with a lack of visibility, high energy consumption and poor asset utilization. Moving the mine to a fully optimized supply chain through the creation of a unified value chain optimization management plan can enable better production management and advanced process control. Join Mexico Mining Forum 2023 taking place Feb. 1 and 2 and hear the most important leaders and investors discuss the most relevant topics of the industry.  

Cloud, Big Data and analytics are important to reshape operations and should be considered by mining companies as strategic assets rather than as expenses. These technologies will reshape processes and activities within the sector. 

For example, process mining will give mining companies the tools and methodology to unlock data that show how processes work, how people do their job and where problems originate. According to a report by IBM, process mining provides the analytics to dig deeper into business and uncover how automation and other processes could be adapted to foster the biggest impact. Furthermore, it simulates how the business would operate with automation implemented, letting mining companies focus on the solutions that maximize expected results, which would increase their confidence in the investment they made.

One of the most common filtration technologies is the filter press. By combining proven filter press automation solutions with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, an increase in product quality and a decrease in operating costs can be made possible. Smart Sensors collect all the relevant operating data from filter presses, after which sophisticated data analytics select the relevant details and display this information for the operator. The technology can be used for fully automated operations and is useful for everything from predictive maintenance solutions to process monitoring, troubleshooting, and long-term trending. It can optimize cycle times and enable predictive maintenance, among other benefits. 

In addition, the process becomes more reliable: thanks to monitoring features, filter press plants can make significant productivity gains with minimal intervention when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied.

Many technology developers for the mining industry agree that nowadays, it should be possible to inform operators about the live performance status of their plants anytime and anywhere. In addition, the operator should not have to find out that a machine needs to have maintenance or be repaired; the machine itself should be able to report this autonomously.

Mexico Business is proud to extend an invitation to Mexico Mining Forum 2023. A ticket to the forum will grant you access to stakeholders defining current trends. Taking place on February 1 and 2, the summit will provide space to develop new business opportunities.

Photo by:   pixabay

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