Morelos Could Become a Hub for Responsible Mining Projects
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Morelos Could Become a Hub for Responsible Mining Projects

Photo by:   Sebastian Pichle
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 07/22/2022 - 13:02

The Morelos bar association asked for more private projects and responsible investments to be allowed in the state, such as the Esperanza mining project in Temixco. The project has been criticized by NGOs, communities and the government for being irresponsible, but other nearby communities say that these accusations unfounded and that the project will generate wealth for the region.

The Morelos Bar Association emphasized that so far, the Esperanza mining project has complied with all the requirements of the Mexican constitution as well as the country’s secondary laws. However, due to the harsh criticism that the project has received, the President of the state’s Bar Association, Miguel Rosete Flores, proposed that the state lawyers monitor its strict compliance with the mining laws to grant more confidence to the population. “Modern mining is safe and committed to legality and social welfare. Mining is one of the most regulated industries in Mexico, so this gives the certainty and confidence that operations will be done well,” added Rosete.

Rosete stressed that the Esperanza mining project is an investment representaing many opportunities thatcould reactivate the state's economy and boost its markets. For this reason, he called on the population to promote these types of projects and investments in Morelos, but always after guaranteeing the regulatory compliance of operations, as well as their social and environmental responsibility.

This year, the Esperanza mining project has been involved in several controversies as it was accused of operating irresponsibly. In May, SEMARNAT backed the protests of inhabitants from Temixco, Morelos against open pit mining projects. SEMARNAT highlighted that these mining projects affect over 200,000 people and compromise the health and environment of the Temixco, Xochitepec, Miacatlan, Emiliano Zapata and Coatetelco municipalities. The ministry stressed that the ecological damage caused by the mining operation impedes the communities to develop sustainable economic activities due to water and soil pollution, as the high demand for water also causes a risk of water scarcity.

Nevertheless, other communities such as Tletama have asked to accelerate the development of the project because it could become a driver of wealth for the region. “Few people disagree with the project. There are two or three people behind the entire smear campaign. They are people who have nothing to do with the community. They should not have the power to decide. We should, however, since we are the owners of these lands… We will not allow other people to impose their opinion. The community agrees and what we want are jobs and a better quality of life,” said Leobardo Espíndola Miranda, Department of Communal Assets of the Community of San Agustín, Tetlama.

Photo by:   Sebastian Pichle

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