Multidisciplinary Legal Services for a Changing Industry
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Multidisciplinary Legal Services for a Changing Industry

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Rafael Cereceres - Cereceres Estudio Legal


Q: What does Cereceres Estudio Legal offer Mexico’s mining industry?
A: We offer an array of high-value services. All these services are supported by our deep knowledge of the industry. We have 20 years of experience working with mining companies. We know the industry’s particularities and we know its unique needs and requirements, so we are able to obtain results for our clients. Also, we believe good service is key. We are always punctual, proactive and in strict compliance with Mexican law. This is what our clients recognize us for: promptness and professionalism. Our policy is to solve problems efficiently.
Q: On what issues do your clients consult you most often?
A: A current issue that is causing great interest is that of local communities becoming involved in decision-making processes regarding mining projects. In fact, federal and state laws now require community participation, so legal counseling that helps companies approach communities and comply with current normativity so as to successfully carry out their projects is exceptionally valuable. Another issue is the environment. This is fundamental. Environmental regulations have become quite strict, and there are international treaties that must also be taken into account. Further, labor law and unions are matters that our clients constantly consult us about, especially given Mexico’s ratification of ILO Convention 98, but also as a consequence of changes brought about by the Labor Reform, such as the disappearance of conciliation and arbitration boards and the creation of new judicial courts. All these changes in labor law and unions are crucial for the industry. First, companies must become familiar with the new legal reality and relate to their workers accordingly. Also, they have to carry out prevention activities to avoid any future issues.
Q: What services do you foresee your firm will focus on?
A: As I have pointed out, labor relations that fully comply with the law are of capital importance for a healthy mining company. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of labor law in this new era of mining in Mexico. Likewise, the corporate aspect must be taken into account. The 2012 Labor Reform resulted in laws to regulate outsourcing practices, and the federal government has announced that it will carry out rigorous inspections to make sure companies are in compliance.

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