Ramón Dávila
Minister of Economy
State of Durango
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National Access To Capital Key To Promoting Industry Development

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 13:07

Q: What do you consider to be essential elements behind a successful mining company in Mexico?
A: It is important to make timely decisions and to know how to take calculated risks. Success depends on the expertise of integrated expert teams The success of a company ultimately depends on its human talent. I also think one of the main reasons why mining does not grow in Mexico is because it depends on foreign investment and the country does not have a financial system that the industry can use. We need to find opportunities to improve the country’s financial context. Banks and investors in Mexico are not familiar with the industry and feel hesitant investing in it.
Q: How should the role of the private and public sector be divided to strengthen the Mexican mining industry?
A: Companies need a high level of social responsibility to obtain social license and the government should facilitate communication with surrounding communities. The authorities should visualize and support these aspects. The development of infrastructure plays an equally important role. The communities need to understand that companies are not responsible for everything and will not take over the duties of the government. That is why the Mining Fund was created: to make sure the government can do its part in the industry.