A Nationwide Network for Competitive Logistics Costs
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A Nationwide Network for Competitive Logistics Costs

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Joe Salinas - Brink’s
Senior Director Latin America


Q: What is the role of Mexico’s mining industry within your international business strategy?
A: Brink’s Global Services’ (BGS) strategy in Latin America heavily relies on our two main pillars: Mexico and Brazil. Mexico is the No. 1 exporter of silver ore in the world, a market expected to grow to US$17.8 billion by 2020, mainly driven by an increase in gold exports. Due to the market’s size, we continue to invest in equipment and resources along with a fully dedicated team of supply chain experts who focus on multimodal transportation of precious metals from Mexico to various parts of the world. The shipment flows are toward Canada, the US and Switzerland, where we also have our own infrastructure to provide our customers with door-to-door services.
Q: What are your most demanded services in the Mexican mining industry?
A: Brink’s Global Services has a key market position in the precious metals exports from Mexico. Our customers demand fast transit times and reduced costs, so we have a strong nationwide network in Mexico and can provide a variety of door-to-door services through helicopters, air charters, commercial airlines and our own fleet of armored trucks. The market pressure and client demand drive our teams to be creative when managing their supply chain. We are constantly searching for new airfreight partners and routes that can improve transit times. We know there is a need for a competitive logistics cost, yet the risk of transporting valuable cargo remains high in the country, so Brink’s keeps adapting but cannot cut corners and put our people and cargo at risk. Our solution is to leverage our carrier network, adhere to our internal security procedures and ensure we keep clients’ products safe until delivery.
Q: What is your main added value to the Mexican mining industry?
A: As the market leader in this industry, we focus on developing strong commercial relationships, operational excellence and price competitiveness. Our strategy is to listen to what our customers need, adapt and implement. In 2017, we implemented Key Performance Indicators to measure Brink’s, our subcontractors and our customers, which has lead us to an exceptional level of service performance. We add value through 158 years of industry experience and our global network, instilling confidence in our customers when we are handling their valuable cargo. The Brink’s brand was built on trust and integrity, on its people, security and service. We will continue to build on those foundations.
Also, at Brink’s we look out for the best interest of our customers. As the market and flows of precious metals change, we have to work with our partners to provide seamless transportation solutions to the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. We ship most of our cargo by air and we constantly look for the most effective way to reach the various destinations. We are improving and adding value by carrying out door-to-door multimodal seamless international shipments with full cargo liability coverage for our customers.
Unlike general cargo, valuable cargo requires strict and confidential flows of information. Our customers need visibility regarding their cargo throughout the supply chain. We have a very personalized relationship with each of our customers, so the challenge we face is providing visibility while limiting information to reduce the risk of losses. To support our clients, we have expanded and customized our tracking and tracing visibility tool, Brink’s Online. Our portal is used by customers to safely track and trace their shipments in a centralized and secure way.

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