Gabriel McCrory
International Manager
Geofísica TMC

One-Source Contact for Ground Geophysical Services

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 14:07

Founded in Quebec as a family business in 1998, Geofísica TMC found success in Mexico within a few short years. Known for the wide range of ground geophysical services it offers, Geofísica TMC was asked by clients to bring its instruments to bear on a long-term mining project in Mexico. For Gabriel McCrory, the company’s International Manager, that move proved fruitful since its business in Mexico is now almost as important as that in Canada. For McCrory, one of the reasons for Geofísica TMC’s success is that its clients know they can turn to the company for a full package of services, ranging from line cutting and data processing to magnetics, electro-magnetics, gravity, magnetotellurics (CSAMT), and induced polarization (2D and 3D). Furthermore, Geofísica TMC has geophysics consultants that can handle all the data interpretation and provide reports and maps, as McCrory explains. “We provide a written report with the interpretation of the geophysical data, processed database maps, and 3D models. Our data can be integrated with the client’s data such as geochemistry, topography, airborne, and others. We use this data to complete our interpretation and we can put those layers on our geophysical surveys. We can then build a 3D model to give to our clients.”

While Geofísica TMC’s range of solutions is a strong plus for clients already convinced about using such services, another struggle altogether is getting mining companies to spend money for external services in a downturn. But for McCrory, this has not been a major issue. “Most clients believe in geophysics, they have already done common step-by-step exploration so they see what we can bring.” For those companies who are unsure of how geophysics can add value to their projects, Geofísica TMC works to convince them of the time and money they can save on exploration. To present a good business case, McCrory’s main approach is to highlight financial savings on drilling. “We can show them maps that point straight to the target. We invest heavily on getting the right data sets and ensuring the quality of our data.”

In the last two years, Geofísica TMC has also been keen on adding new dimensions to its service portfolio, as guided by the market or required by its clients. McCrory says there has been more demand for gravity, 3D IP, and magnetotellurics. Geofísica TMC has been able to roll out these new technologies progressively in Mexico by approaching clients it had worked with since entering the country. “We offered the project at a very low cost just to show them what we were able to do. Those test projects made it easier to sell the service to new clients,” explains McCrory. “In 2014, we were also asked to do a magnetotellurics survey in Mexico. We sent a team to California for training and to buy the equipment before applying themselves to a large, two-month project. We did the same thing with gravity a couple years ago. This means it is very easy to sell these services now.”

3D IP has now become a major growth area for Geofísica TMC, particularly targeting companies nearing or already in the production stage. McCrory acknowledges that 3D IP is more expensive than regular IP but explains it provides far more reading points per square meter and adds great value for reserve definition on mine sites. Another service that he is keen on publicizing to the Mexican mining market is magnetotellurics, which the company brought on board in 2014.