David Juárez
Managing Director
Herrenknecht Tunnelling Services Mexico
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Optimizing Mine Exploration Through Mechanization

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 12:50

Q: You offer high-tech products. How do you train your clients to take full advantage of the potential offered by these products?
A: The sale of a machine includes the availability of our staff, who are responsible for making it work at full capacity. Our aftersales service is another of our added values. As for our workforce, it is made up of Mexicans, although it is true that only two out of every 10 hired workers adapt to Herrenknecht’s work methodology. However, when important projects arise, not only in Mexico but in any other country in the world, we move personnel from other places to cover the specific needs of those projects. The degree of specialization required by some of our projects means that up to 20 different nationalities can be brought together for the same project.
Q: How do you convince the Mexican mining industry that an investment in Herrenknecht will have a long-term economic return?
A: These types of decisions are not unilateral because different actors come into play, including consultants, banks and engineering studies. We work with all of them, in addition to Hermes, an investment fund dependent on the German government. This gives us a significant advantage over our competitors.