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Predicting Machine Failure is a Multimillion Dollar Affair

Felipe Esquivel - Smart Condition
Director General


Thu, 10/17/2019 - 12:33

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Q: Smart Condition grew out of the maintenance company AMMMEC. What is its goal?
A: Smart Condition is focused on predictive maintenance. What this means is that we evaluate equipment and anticipate any problems that could occur in the near future. Based on our analysis, we offer advice on what measures should be taken to correct the equipment. This could be as simple as applying more lubricant, or as elaborate as taking the machine in for a full repair. Such interventions can save millions of dollars in potential costs, mainly from production losses caused from unscheduled machinery failure. We work with a software called Asset Care, which collects and tracks the status of equipment. It comes with hardware that can be used to measure data related to vibrations, one of the methods we use to determine the state of equipment.
Q: What training does Smart Condition provide?
A: We have held seminars and a variety of training courses on the topic of predictive maintenance. One of our courses provides a certification that allows personnel to conduct tests and analysis. These programs are meant to show the potential of this field and to demonstrate real-life expectations. It is impossible to predict to the exact day and hour when equipment is going to fail.

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