Arturo Angulo Kladt
Area Manager Mexico and Central America
Luis Castillo Burgos
Luis Castillo Burgos
Country Manager Mexico
ESCO Corporation

Productivity Gains through Ground-Engaging Tools

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 13:37

“GETs are fundamental components of heavy machinery that can cost millions of dollars. If these tools are not adequate, the equipment will not perform correctly and subsequently the investment made will not deliver the expected results,” explains Arturo Angulo Kladt, who serves  as Area Manager for Mexico and Central America at MTG, a Spanish-based multinational with over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of GETs. Today, MTG is the leading provider of GETs in Europe, and its wide service and distribution network extends across America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. “We strive to offer safe and easy to use products made with high technology steel that enhance productivity in the mining sector and correctly support essential machinery,” Angulo Kladt says. MTG can control its own engineering and production processes, as well as quality standards, because the company possesses its own smelters in Spain. “MTG focuses on fabricating its own patented products,” highlights Angulo Kladt. “We can produce highly-specialized solutions for the mining sector.” Probably the most notable of these solutions is the StarMet tooth-adapter fitting system, which can greatly increase both security and productivity in mines. Traditionally, tooth and cutting edge removal has been a dangerous and long process. Changing a single tooth usually required the use of hammers in a painstaking job that involves several people and causes the interruption of operations for several hours. StarMet’s hammerless quality allows the product to meet even the most stringent safety regulations and increases productivity by reducing the time required to perform the removal procedure by up to 90%. MTG has created other product lines that incorporate the hammerless technology and offer higher resistance, such as RipMet. This is a system for ripper machines, which often cause operative halts in mining because they bend or rupture easily. “Because rippers are considered second-tier machines, the industry often overlooks their importance,” Angulo Kladt emphasizes. “However, we think that rippers are on the critical path of exploitation activity. A good ripper allows companies to improve their operating efficiency.”

“The mining industry is looking to continuously improve its productivity, raise its operating performance and reduce the downtime of its machines,” Angulo Kladt explains. “We offer this by developing new solutions in our engineering department and by providing a personalized service.”

ESCO Corporation, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, is one of the world’s leading producers of ground-engaging tools, durable wear parts and components for the mining, construction, aerospace, and power- generation markets. Luis Castillo Burgos, Country Manager for ESCO Corporation Mexico, says that the mining industry is one of the primary focuses of the company’s business in the country. “Mexico is an important mining market with significant growth potential, and our top quality products and services serve this market well,” he explains. He also attributes the company’s growth in the Mexican market to ESCO’s good relationships with clients and its comprehensive understanding of their needs.

ESCO’s strong ties with the industry give the company a clear understanding of miners’ constant search for ways to maximize productivity. This knowledge led the company to develop a revolutionary shroud system that integrates teeth, lip and shrouds, all developed simultaneously in order to increase the efficiency of dredging machinery. “We usually created the adaptors and points as separate product offerings. This time, we thought about the whole process, taking an integrated approach to cost reduction and safety. The goal was to ensure that the entire system performed as a unit,” Castillo Burgos explains. This painstaking process proved its worth once the Nemisys system entered the market. Mining Magazine awarded ESCO in 2012 for its innovative and efficient design. Nemisys’ three-piece tooth and mining lip system enables excellent equipment performance with an average of 10% less force of penetration. “When you cut with this, it is like cutting butter. We try to make it easy for the machine to do the work,” Castillo Burgos explains. The Nemisys system is efficient not only in terms of productivity but also environmentally. “For starters, it weighs an average of 7% less than other GET systems, thus allowing machines to use less fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a result. Additionally, the product is specially designed to fit heavy machinery in an optimal way and deliver results with less energy and force,” says Castillo Burgos. “ESCO’s focus has always been on helping our customers save time and money, including making sure their employees are working safely. Our engineering team is continuously examining how to make our ground engaging tools, buckets, lip systems, truck bodies, and other products perform in the most safe and efficient manner possible.”