Daniel Bernal
Director General
View from the Top

Productivity, Safety Go Hand in Hand

Wed, 10/16/2019 - 18:28

Q: What are the main elements of MADAI's consulting services?
A: Safety is the most important theme in our consulting service. We help companies acquire permissions from the Ministry of Labor and other authorities. Environmentally, we work with companies to determine what is needed to gain approval for exploration, use of the terrain and use of the soil. This process involves different steps. The most important is gaining permission to start a project. We inspect the proposed area, in which a team, including a biologist and an environmental expert, conduct a study of the terrain, its flora and fauna, to assess whether a site will be approved.
Q: Where do you see concerns and areas of improvements?
A: There are areas where Mexican law can improve. International companies tend to follow international standards, and the laws of their own country. Some of these laws will eventually come to Mexico, considering that many regulations in this country are translations of foreign laws. Unfortunately, there are companies here in Mexico that do not value regulations as much. This is a question of culture, where money alone can help get things arranged. There are cases where a company received approval for a proposed mine location without informing the adjacent community. Even before the approval, the equipment was already in place.