Providing Massive Range of Indirect Mining Supplies,

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 11:46

After 25 years of supplying safety equipment to Mexico’s industrial sector, Segman has broadened its product portfolio with additional offerings that mitigate risks through accident prevention. The company holds distribution rights for some of the leading safety equipment brands such as Notifier, Honeywell Analytics, Kidde Fire Systems, and BW Technologies, and offers a wide range of gas, smoke, and flame detectors, as well as respirators and suppression technologies. “We manage solutions that increase the safety of both open-pit and underground mining sites, including vehicles, electric sub-stations, and offices,” assures Luis del Bosque Vargas, Assistant Director of Segman’s Fire & Gas Division. “Since every risk is different, every mine requires a specific set of solutions.” Through a close collaboration with mine operators and supervisors, Segman is able to design detection systems that can actually prevent major accidents from ever occurring.

In preparation for setting up a safety system, Segman’s technicians visit the mine to interview the operations officer and the respective area supervisors. This procedure helps them to quickly identify possible risks. “We investigate the potential risk locations, the presence of hazardous or explosive gases, and the respective lower explosive limit (LEL). All of these parameters can be measured by Notifier detectors,” explains Del Bosque Vargas. Based on this initial assessment, the technicians recommend detection and alarm systems using the results of the visit and the product lines managed by Segman. When it comes to gas detection, the company’s suggestion depends on the characteristics of the gases within the mine. “Our range of gas detectors can cover the entire spectrum of possible gases in mining operations; however, we need to know which gases are present in order to implement the right solution,” affirms Del Bosque Vargas. The detectors can be linked to suppressors, such as sprinklers or ventilators, so that any possible hazard may be prevented or resolved. Moreover, Segman provides some of the most sensitive suction type smoke detectors for detecting fires. “The Vesda detector has a one-minute response time. It is able to detect smoke before it is visible, which means that a fire can be extinguished as soon as possible,” Del Bosque Vargas clarifies.

Segman provides a complete range of safety products, from fire, gas, and smoke detectors, to complementary audio-visual and vibrating personal alarms. “Gases in mines are either toxic or explosive, which is why 30 to 40 years ago, miners would enter a mine with a canary. If that canary stopped singing, the workers would know that something was wrong,” says Del Bosque Vargas. “We can now replace that canary with state-of-the-art detectors linked to vibrating alarms in the workers’ clothing, and audio-visual alarms in the sites.” Additionally, Segman is directly supplied by the Kidde Fire Systems manufacturing facilities, which allows the company to handle fire suppression risks associated to the mining operations.

Part of the company’s success in obtaining key players such as Fresnillo, Goldcorp, and Minera Mexico as clients could be attributed to its stock availability strategy. “We maintain stocks of the detection products and repair parts to guarantee immediate delivery,” explains Del Bosque Vargas. “The company is able to respond to an order and provide maintenance within 48 hours of being contacted. Maintenance is a key factor for upholding the quality of safety equipment; if maintenance is not provided, the equipment stops functioning properly,” he says. Our technical laboratory is able to provide this service, extending the product’s lifespan and ensuring that our clients’ employees are kept safe.” Through the close relationship Segman has built with its suppliers and the training it has received from them, the company is able to adequately respond to risks, even when they have not been encountered before. “Everyone who works with Segman is certified by Notifier, Federal Signal, and all the other technology brands that we distribute. That gives our clients the certainty that their concerns and issues will be expertly addressed by our staff,” del Bosque Vargas explains.

Within the mining sector, the Segman’s core business lies in the supply of safety technology to the Fresnillo and Peñasquito mines in Zacatecas. “We teach the operators in these mines how to use the safety equipment properly, lessening their fears of making a mistake during an actual emergency,” explains Del Bosque Vargas. “Drills such as these are vital to ensure that life-or-death situations are handled calmly and professionally.”