Miguel Rozo
Regional Manager
TDM Group
View from the Top

Quality Control Processes Lead to Benefits

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 13:01

Q: What is TDM’s main differentiating value compared to similar companies?
A: Our main differentiating value is our experience in the installation of waterproofing membranes for the leaching process. This experience is a guarantee for our customers. Another differentiating aspect of TDM is its experience in the processes prior to mining, such as the construction of access roads and drainage or the stabilization of roads leading to the mine, all with financial analysis to ensure the viability of each project. Part of our work at the new airport was the construction of infrastructure so that the project could move forward.
Q: What lessons learned by TDM in mining markets such as Chile or Peru can be implemented in the Mexican mining industry?
A: TDM Group has demonstrated extensive experience in providing mining market solutions in terms of quality control and traceability in the installation processes. It is possible to track who participated in the development of any point of the projects in which we have taken part and when, which is key for our clients.
Quality control processes are very important for TDM. It is not just about implementing processes that help take care of the environment, but taking care of the environment also generates benefits for companies. This happens, for example, with the leaching of minerals. Each drop of water contains traces of the extracted mineral; if the water is filtered, it contaminates, but it also means losses for the company, since that drop of water contains tiny remains of the mineral.
I do not find obstacles in the Mexican regulatory framework, but I do believe that Mexico has to improve the way in which it explains the mining industry to the population. I believe that mining companies focus too much on the macro aspects of their activity and not so much on the technical part, which they outsource. With greater involvement in the technical part, companies could better explain their activity to the public. Mining is key to the economic development of the country.
Q: What steps is TDM taking in Mexico to focus its business in the country on the mining industry?
A: We are working on a scheme through which we can illustrate to the Mexican mining industry our extensive experience in other mining markets in South America, mainly in Peru and Chile, although we also have experience in Argentina and Colombia. It is about the industry understanding the benefits of working with a company like TDM.
TDM is a leader in the mining sector in countries such as Chile and Peru and we want to follow the same path in Mexico, where we have already started delivering technical and economic viability proposals to companies such as Metallorum and Grupo México. TDM is also the most important geosynthetic installer group in South America.
Q: What internal processes is TDM adapting to the mining scenario under López Obrador and what opportunities does it see?
A: We have seen changes in recent months, but the situation is not very different from previous presidential changes. New governments tend to revise previous policies but I think it is a cyclical issue. Obviously, there are going to be changes but I think that the economic dynamics that Mexico has followed in recent years will continue.
As for the windows of opportunity, the cancellation of the new airport has allowed us to diversify our presence in Mexico. We continue to have a presence in the infrastructure sector of the country, but we are also focusing on mining and opening possible business lines in the agricultural sector. What at first was bad news has helped us to look for alternatives in the country.