Miguel Ángel Ayala Guzmán
Director General

Quality Explosives Backed up by Precise Calculations

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 16:31

Since it was founded in 1989, Equipos y Explosivos del Noreste (EYENESA) has achieved a sustained level of growth. Pursuing a constant improvement of technology, services, human capital, and infrastructure has allowed the company to exceed its growth expectations. EYENESA’s priority has always been the provision of quality services as it understands how important explosive supplies are for mining production activities and construction developments in the infrastructure sector

One of the constant benchmarks for its progress has been its harnessing of the latest technology for explosives. This allows EYENESA to offer clients in the mining sector sophisticated software used for calculating blasting procedures, bulk emulsions, electronic initiators, and equipment that can directly supply drills with agents and emulsions. The company has three main explosive items: emulsions, ANFOs, and accessories or initiators. Miguel Ángel Ayala Guzmán, Director General of EYENESA, explains that an ANFO is a mixture of industrial grade ammonium nitrate of different densities, fuel oil, as well as lightening and anticaking agents, among other elements. “ANFOs are explosive agents that are used in combination with emulsions based on an estimated charge factor. The latter is calculated according to a rock’s hardness, fragmentation level, and other characteristics. Making these calculations is also part of EYENESA’s service portfolio,” tells Ayala Guzmán. Electronic initiators are particularly useful for companies with controlled blasting requirements. This is common when blasting operations are to take place near urban centers. In these cases, EYENESA performs seismographic studies that enable it to evaluate the impact of the vibrations that will result from the explosion. EYENESA participates in the manufacturing process of explosives, which allows the company to create ANFOs with different compositions and diverse lightening

agents that reduce the presence of toxic gases. “Being able to manufacture six ANFO variants enables EYENESA to position itself as a leader in the market,” says Ayala Guzmán. Another challenge for any explosives manufacturer is the care with which these are transported. To take care of this, EYENESA has a dedicated team in charge of keeping records on available items and keeping tabs on everything that goes in and out of the company’s powder magazines. “We need to present our records to SEDENA in a complex process that entails the exact quantification of each unit of measurement for each product,” asserts Ayala Guzmán. “Our legal department also manages all juridical processes, which can range from obtaining permits for the use of explosives, to conflict resolution.” In an extension of such practices, EYENESA also offers its clients powder magazine inventory management and control services.