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Reliable, Long-Range Communication Improves Safety, Productivity

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 09/02/2021 - 12:47

Q: How have JPS’ interoperability hardware and software solutions transformed customers' mining operations?

A: In industries such as mining, excellent and reliable communication is the main concern, regardless of the technology used. JPS can interconnect everything related to voice communication systems, whether it is radio, telephone or any other device. Our solutions are for mining companies that need to communicate between one location and another; for example, from a headquarters to remote areas. We help companies improve their management, security, protection, production and everything else related to having a high quality and reliable communication system.

Q: What role does JPS technology play in improving safety in mining?

A: Miners experience many problems related to communications, safety among them because mining companies often carry out risky operations. JPS helps them by providing the communication system they need. Accidents can be prevented by making sure everyone at the mine is well communicated. Many years ago, we had a case where the mine communicated through radios but some workers used cellphones. At some point, the mine had an explosion hazard and only those people with a radio knew about the danger. Subsequently, the mine management agreed to improve the communication system to ensure that everyone was aware of the mine's situation at all times. We offered a pager solution that was implemented in cellphones to warn people of a present risk. We believe that communication is a safety pillar and companies must ensure that their systems work for everyone.

Another important element is that JPS develops noise-free communications, which is very difficult to achieve in industries such as mining. Our solutions provide cleaner communication, allowing managers to better understand what the operator or miner is saying. We also offer the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is implemented in cellphones and allows the company to know where its staff are anywhere in the world.

Q: How are you adapting your solutions to mining operation?

A: We adapt our solutions to the resources of mining companies, regardless of their size, equipment, budget and location. We had a client in Chile that could communicate from its headquarters in Santiago to its mining operations in other parts of the country. We are looking to create a digital tunnel that will provide communication through the internet or any other domain. We adapt our solutions to the infrastructure of the company, avoiding extra costs. We use existing resources and combine them to ensure more efficient, proactive and safer operations.

Q: How is JPS’ RoIP helping miners to improve communications systems, especially in remote locations?

A: RoIP stands for Radio Over Internet Protocol. The concept was created and developed by JPS. This solution is perfect for establishing communication between very distant places. For example, if a miner’s headquarters is in Toronto and their operations are in Nicaragua, they can have very clear and reliable communication from both sides. Our product takes the voice from the radio and connects it to another radio. The information then flows through the internet to the other end. This solution allows the customer to connect to other radios in the cloud and have a voice communication that can be heard clearly, even from other countries. Also, our RoIP solution can be used in many places, not just in one. It is a multipoint solution.

Q: What are the latest developments that JPS is working on and how will they benefit the mining industry?

A: JPS is continually developing new platforms since there can always be improvements in communication. We always check what new technologies can improve our offerings and results. JPS technology has always adapted to new challenges and opportunities in industries. We know that we are critical to many industries and as a result, we are developing solutions that contribute to the quality of voice in radio, telephone and satellite communications, among others. Having newer microcontrollers has helped us develop faster and more reliable solutions, not only for the mining industry but for many others.

Q: How well-accepted are these smart solutions in the industry and what are the main obstacles to their implementation?

A: These types of solutions are not well known in the industry. As a result, we want to better understand the challenges miners face in terms of safety and communication. We want to know how we can help them so that we can provide a solution that will not only help them stay connected, but also to communicate from anywhere in the world. Most mining communication technology is out of date, so we believe there are opportunities with these innovative solutions. If we know exactly what miners are looking for, we can come up with a plan to develop a system that can work across different platforms and mining sites, reducing risk and improving productivity and safety in operations.

JPS designs, manufactures and sells electronic hardware and software products that enhance radio interoperability with RoIP, SIP and RTP protocols.


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