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Reliable Safety Protective Equipment Essential for Mining

Pavel Santillanes - PROVESICSA
Operations Manager


Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Sat, 05/21/2022 - 16:27

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Q: Why should miners choose PROVESICSA as their protective equipment provider?

A: Our offer ranges from simple earplugs to refuge chambers. We have equipment that can protect miners from head to toe, including gear that protects against fires. PROVESICSA has 45 years of experience in the market, so we know the industry’s needs. We have a specialized mining division because mines are usually located far away from major cities. Any emergency or necessity that arises can be costly, so the company works to mitigate these issues. PROVESICSA believes in being more than a supplier by becoming a partner. We collaborate with our clients to understand every immediate risk and their schedules.

Q: How does the company choose the brands it distributes to guarantee its clients the best quality?

A: We search for the leading brands on a global scale and manage international products, including 3M and Dupont, but we also offer national brands as long as their philosophy is rooted in quality. This translates to a higher level of security for the end user, so this is the focus for PROVESICSA.

Q: How has the company helped mining companies to cover and strengthen their security needs?

A: PROVESICSA looks to protect every employee, from the staff in an ice cream shop to construction workers. Our goal is to be in constant contact with the client and its security departments so that they are aware of any new product. Like in other industries, innovation is common, even for shoes or gloves. We also provide cost and benefit studies. For example, some clients will buy gloves for half a dollar and use them for a long time, whereas an option that costs three times as much might last 10 times longer and offer greater protection in the process.

Q: How does the company provide training for its clients?

A: We offer training to our clients regarding the use and maintenance of products and we receive training from our suppliers as well. Frequently, customers want to use the equipment as tools. For example, they might kick a rock with their shoes to move it around instead of carrying it, which in the end damages the material and inhibits its function as personal protection equipment. Training companies to treat these products correctly improves the security of mining operations and the durability of the company’s investments.  

Q: How does PROVESICSA provide further value through its aftersales service?

A: Other than training, PROVESICSA also offers presentations and testing regarding the latest innovations. It also offers a supply service. With the latter, we take over the administration of a branch office, ensuring the client does not face shortages. We control and monitor the inventory so that equipment is always available. PROVESICSA also has software that helps measure this.

Q: How often does the company recommend its clients update their industrial security equipment?

A: It depends on the activity. For instance, a shoe for someone involved in maintenance can last six months but for those working in exploration the same shoe will only last three months. Durability is essential for the efficiency of the mining operation, because without functional equipment staff cannot enter the mine and work. Companies cannot compromise on safety.

Q: What are the company’s goals and objectives for 2022?

A: We are a regional company with ten branch offices: in the states of  Chihuahua and Sonora. For 2022, we want to open a new office in Baja California Norte as a short-term objective. In the long term, we want to move south to Zacatecas, Queretaro or Guanajuato, which are important mining states as well.


PROVESICSA has over 40 years of experience providing personal protective equipment to companies in different industries.

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