Carlos Alberto Cardona Sandoval
Director General
Anclas Mineras Encinales

Safety First for Ambitious Mining Products Supplier

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 11:56

While many Mexican SMEs fail in their first year, the survivors can seek to become respected brands in their chosen fields. For Carlos Alberto Cardona Sandoval, Director General of Anclas Mineras Encinales, the mining sector is evidence of how resilient SMEs can make it in the long-term. “Family businesses face many obstacles relating to their operations and business structures, but they also have clear values that prove to be advantageous when dealing with large multinational corporations. The benefits of this are strongly reflected by the confidence that industry clients have in mining SMEs like Anclas Mineras Encinales,” he states. The company began life as a small, family business in the early 1980s. At the time, it was known as Taller Encinales, and provided welding tools, winches, and general mechanical expertise to federal public service units. Over time, it became influenced by the agricultural industry and branched out into the manufacturing and maintenance of agricultural tools. However, the company soon spotted the possibilities that lay in mining, opened a processing plant, and is now embarking on its own mining operations. Anclas Mineras Encinales has faced a slew of bureaucratic challenges in obtaining relevant permits such as the permission to use explosives. “There are cases of large mining operations being halted due to the absence of an authorized explosives permit,” explains Cardona Sandoval. “When big companies struggle to meet these requirements, imagine how difficult it is for the smaller ones.” To combat these rules, Anclas Mineras Encinales already works with dynamite that has so far managed to produce good results. With this product, the company has been able to successfully extract both gold and silver concentrates: silver with an average of 350g per tonne, and gold at 2g per tonne.

The depth of its wide portfolio of mining products has seen Anclas Mineras Encinales become a trusted supplier of industry heavyweights such as Peñoles, Agnico Eagle, Gammon Lake, and Luismin. The product range that allowed it to grow from an SME startup to a supplier of choice covers three divisions. Its anchor products line includes anchor rods, prestressing cables, and cement cartridges. On the mining support products side, the company provides sealing caps, strengthening rods, support hooks, and lead weight. In terms of additional support and reinforcement equipment, it sells such simple yet necessary products as wire mesh, butterfly plates, and lightweight frames. With a diverse portfolio of anchors and support systems for different rock types, Anclas Mineras Encinales is also able to confidently promote mine safety. Sandoval Cardona expects the importance of safety to continuously increase within the industry, and believes that this trend should be supported by the publication of an official Mexican safety standard. “We want a law and a standard to exist because we know that it will save lives. I cannot bear the idea of a fatal accident occurring because of a failure in any of our products.” For 2015, the company intends to build on its homegrown success to export its growing line of products to other countries and expand into new markets.