Ryan Oldenburg
Corporate Development Strategist
Oldenburg Group

Safety a Priority for Us Supplier

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 15:06

When Oldenburg Group first entered the Mexican market in 1995 it was through the acquisition of a small company. “As we piece together our product portfolio we have incorporated technological innovations that are in tune to the untapped potential of the market,” shares Wayne Oldenburg, the company’s Founder. “We have dedicated services and sales teams, and we also have the support of Matco and Caterpillar in our distribution network. Throughout the years we have created a full product line, incorporating basically everything that one needs for underground mining. We have grown dramatically in Mexico and Latin America and these are our highest growth areas.” Ryan Oldenburg, Corporate Development Strategist at Oldenburg continues, “The acquisition of the small company in 1995 marked the entry of the group into the Mexican mining industry and during that time we owned Stamler, a global supplier of coal mining equipment. We had manufacturing presence in Australia, South Africa, and the US, and this acquisition helped us develop several machines that were integrated into our product line.”

The Corporate Development Strategist maintains that safety has always been a priority for Oldenburg equipment. “We believe our customers and their employees should never be put at risk, and we incorporate safety and durability into every design,” he explains. “This will continue to be at the forefront as new technologies like simulator training and remote controlled operation become reality.” The company has worked closely with customers in Mexico like Industrias Peñoles to develop equipment specifically tailored to the Mexican market. “By listening to the challenges and needs of our customers we were able to develop our SV11 Scaler, which offers the size and features that benefit Mexican mines such as a boom that swings independent of the articulated chassis, SAHR brakes, and a compact size that will fit in smaller tunnels without compromising the durability and safety that Oldenburg products are known for in the US,” comments the company’s Founder.

When Oldenburg Group owned Stamler, it introduced battery powered equipment that revolutionized that industry. Oldenburg is now looking to incorporate this battery technology into its hard rock mining equipment. “We have battery drills and small battery trucks that can run the length of a shift on a battery. The obvious benefit is that there are no emissions,” explains Wayne Oldenburg. “This is important in underground mining since it allows deeper penetration, operation at high altitudes without power loss, and it has added health benefits for the miners. While it might be difficult to introduce products like these in the current market, there is a great deal of potential since the regulations are bound to become stricter.” The ADS-500 is a new face pattern system with an interface that allows operators to program drill patterns into the system and use advanced hole location and auto depth technology to drill faces out accurately and consistently. This means there are no field measurements required since everything can be programmed from the cab, and the operator only has to carry out the alignment and proceed. Mining engineers can follow up and update it in order to fine tune the pattern and ensure the operator drilled correctly. The added benefit of ADS-500 is the ease of use, since other similar systems used in the industry must be modified and updated continuously by the OEM. Oldenburg’s platform makes it easy to modify and change patterns since the system belongs solely to the client and no subscription is required.

The Founder has identified a trend in the demand for smaller equipment within the industry. “For a long time one size fits all machines have been pushed on customers with little adjustment for the specific market,” he laments. “In the Mexican market, size plays a key role as machines need to fit and maneuver in smaller spaces. We are developing brand new equipment, such as the SV11 scaler, while simultaneously downsizing our existing products to better serve our customers’ needs rather than trying to force an existing product on the market.”