Jorge Muñoz Botello
National Manager

Safety Products Prevent Shocking Consequences

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 11:59

Industrial accidents are a major concern within any business, endangering the lives of employees and potentially obliterating a company’s reputation. The mining industry is particularly alert for electrical accidents and failures as they can lead to a severe loss in profit through machinery downtime. Jorge Muñoz Botello, National Manager of Meltric, is keen to explain how his company is leading the charge with a range of plugs and receptacles which both increase electrical safety and reduce downtime in the event of failure. “The best investment that can be made in a mine is ensuring security for the workers and the company. Most electrical accidents occur when people attempt to de-energize a circuit. This process usually needs someone to access a dangerous terminal, potentially exposing them to electrical energy. Our equipment promotes safety by removing the need for this procedure.” The company needs little introduction in the mining industry as these kinds of innovations have already provided ample reason for the Meltric name to resonate throughout the sector.

Meltric’s dedication to mining in Mexico has been apparent since the company began its 35-year representation in the country. In November 2011, Meltric opened an office on Mexican soil, and then geographically split the nation into seven regions before establishing dedicated, representative management teams for each. “The mining market in Mexico is the one in which we have the most insight. We have participated in almost all mining operations in the country and have communicated with all mining clusters as well,” says Muñoz Botello. He then lists Buenavista del Cobre, Los Filos, Madero, and Fresnillo as some examples of mines which have implemented Meltric’s products, but expands on that by stating that its equipment is used almost everywhere in the country. “We have found success in Mexico thanks to a variety of reasons. Our experience in Canada and the US has provided vital information on the importance of safety awareness, enabling us to apply that knowledge to the Mexican market. In doing so, we have met the required electrical safety standards and have gained the support of many electrical engineers.” To support its sales in all the NAFTA markets, Meltric complies with the NFPA 70 from the US, the CSA C22.1 from Canada, and the Mexican NOM-001 electrical safety standards, which are becoming increasingly synchronized. NOM-001, in particular, represents the national electric code in Mexico, and matches the National Electric Code (NEC) in the US. Since 2012, these standards have undergone many changes and now detail the issues that mining companies face and what they should do to make their installations safer and more reliable. Meltric’s decontactors are certified to safely provide 60hp even when a motor is energized, something which no other company has accomplished, positioning its devices on the path of least competitive resistance.

Decontactors are a prime example of the current equipment that Meltric provides for such circumstances. These plugs and sockets either use a pin and sleeve connection or butt-contact technology to provide a simple, safe solution for opening and closing circuits. There are three products within the decontactor family: DB, which can handle up to 60hp, DS, which offers the highest amperage range, and DSN, which is the most popular due to its low-cost, compact design and its ideal purpose for connecting motors, welders, and other equipment in a range of environments. “With our decontactors, our customers can open and close a circuit that is 6,000 times more energized than the baseline,” explains Muñoz Botello. Meltric guarantees that if a motor needs to be changed on any given application, its products can halve the timespan of the procedure, significantly lowering the cost. Decontactors present significant productivity and security benefits for mining companies by reducing the length of downtime and increasing the safety of their personnel. The company also wants to continue to change the way that people view safety by increasing its number of training sessions for safety standards and electrical standards alike. It aims to pull the plug on inadequate productivity and, as Muñoz Botello points out, build upon the awareness of safety issues within the mining industry. “People have to understand that safety is the best investment,” he says. “Through our safety and reliability training, we show our customers the benefits of using a well-designed product that does not need to be replaced on a monthly basis. This focus on high-quality in both our training and our equipment really helps companies achieve better results.”