Javier Carrancedo Abad
Country Manager
View from the Top

Secure Transport and Logistics of Doré

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 17:18

Q: What is the current global strategy of Brink’s Global Services focused on?

A: Our core business lines are mining, diamonds and jewelry, and bank notes. Our goal is to be the best secure logistics provider and deliver tailor-made solutions to our global clients. We base our success on the fact that we work closely with our clients, which has helped us to understand their needs and to find the best solutions possible for each and every one of them. Brink’s Global Services (Brink’s) does not have standardized services as we understand that every client is different and that they all need customized solutions. The solutions we deliver adapt to the country where we operate, to the industry or segment we are servicing and, of course, to our clients’ needs. For example, we understand that the mining companies that we service invest a lot of money in developing their resources.

Q: Which are the most common final destinations for finished mining products?

A: In Mexico, Brink’s is mainly focused on door-to-door service. Our task is to pick up the products from the mines and deliver them to their final destinations. Brink’s takes full responsibility for the liability involved so mining companies can be at ease. The economic value of the shipments we handle is very high since we usually transport gold and silver in the form of doré bars. Normally, we pick up the bars from the mines in very remote areas and deliver them to cities in Mexico, Canada, and the US. Our door-to-door solutions go across borders. For example, we are often hired to pick up bars from Hermosillo, Sonora, and take them to refineries in the US. We also tend to deliver our clients’ production to custom agencies, airports, and maritime ports. We are a one-stop shop for all of their delivery needs.

Q: Which measures has Brink’s taken to ensure that it can meet all the needs of the Mexican mining industry?

A: We have the capacity in Mexico to cover 100% of our clients’ needs for door-to-door secure logistics. We have 79 branches across the country with a total fleet of 1,300 vehicles. We have designed and built special vehicles to serve the Mexican mining industry with a 10-tonne capacity. This class of armored truck has been rolled out in major mining states, Sonora, Coahuila, Durango, and Chihuahua.

Our vehicles are connected via GPS to our headquarters so that we can keep track of the exact location of the cargos anywhere in the country. Additionally, we use state-of-theart communication technology, so that our guards can be in touch with our headquarters during the entire trajectory, and have implemented a new system which prevents the vault doors from being opened without an authorization code from our security central. We also work very closely with the government in order to study the best possible transportation routes. Naturally, we are authorized by governmental entities such as SEDENA to have armored guards. We have built a very good relationship with the army so they sometimes even escort our vehicles during parts of their trajectories.

Fortunately, doré bars are not commonly targeted for theft in Mexico, but we still do everything we can to guarantee their safety and integrity, and discourage theft.

Q: What are the most common services that Brink’s offers to Mexican mining companies?

A: Regarding logistics, we have the full capacity to ship products wherever they are needed. For example we have been shipping goods from Mexico to the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Switzerland, and China. We take care of all the processes and permits at airports and for custom agencies. By acquiring this service, our clients only have to deal with one company, instead of having to talk to multiple providers. Three years ago, Brink’s bought Pan Americano, Mexico’s largest secure logistics company, and we have been striving to bring new solutions to the Mexican market ever since. By 2015, we are planning to introduce a security service for vaults in mines, which we currently offer with great success in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. This would mean that as soon mining companies put their doré bars in their vaults, Brink’s would take care of the security of these vaults. Part of our branding is selling peace of mind. Our clients can be sure that their cargos will be protected and delivered integrally on the day agreed. In the secure logistics industry, accountability is the most important matter. You can have powerful trucks and well-trained personnel, but if a company does not have a focus on liability, it will not be competitive. Brink’s takes full responsibility if anything goes wrong. If the cargo is lost, we repay our customer its full value.