Security is Everything When it Comes to Precious Metals
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Security is Everything When it Comes to Precious Metals

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Silvia Regalado - Brinks Global Services Mexico
Deputy Director


Q: What effect has the pandemic had on metal transport security and how has Brinks adapted?

A: Since road risks have increased in the last couple of years, we are facing unexpected challenges that trigger Brink’s to change the way we work, boosting tailored solutions to meet our clients’ needs and adapt to the new environment conditions.

As we understood the new burglary modus operandi the pandemic introduced to the mining industry, the mandatory inclusion of technology in our solutions showed up and we enhanced our armored trucks to transport precious metals. Moreover, we detected that our operations needed to be perfectly aligned with our customer onsite protocols in order to minimize risks.

Our main concern has always been to clearly understand and respond to our customer expectations and requirements, so when the pandemic started, we reached out miners to find out their specific security issues and onsite protocols. Even when there was some resistance at the beginning, soon our clients understood that security is a synergy of our capabilities and local procedures: we are strategic partners to ensure safety and fluency in mining logistics.

Q: What variables are taken into account when developing a security plan for mining companies?

A: Our three main variables are landscape, communications and protocols.

Let’s take Sonora for example: Unfortunately, the landscape for transportation in Sonora has deteriorated over the years. We have increased our communication strategies with the mining companies. People in the mines are the first to know when there is a security issue in the area, so we handle any issue through direct communication channels. We monitor areas with armored personnel, and if our experts consider conditions unsafe or detect vulnerabilities, we  reschedule the service. Our clients – and their values – security are always the priority for Brink’s, our technologies guarantee the safety of the truck and its content.

Q: What can mining companies do to improve security and what is one factor they should always prioritize?

A: Mining companies should focus on improving their communications with security providers. Mines have their own safety protocols in place, different from those employed by security providers. Everybody needs to be on the same page to prevent any conflicts when it comes to protocols. We need to work together and be in constant communication with our clients to complement and unify safety procedures.

For instance, we have set up alert protocols with some of our mining clients. We can see in real time if there is an incident in progress or if a transport is under threat. We are now introducing new protocols to communicate any issue even inside the mine.

Q: How do you choose your storage, logistics and telematics partners to offer the best service to clients?

A: We carry all the local road services through PanAmericano owned fleet without any third party; we just collaborate with reliable airlines to complete air services. We are constantly working with our air partners to improve the processes and ensure the threat of theft is minimized. We have boots on the ground visually confirming the arrival of precious metals at the points of departure and arrival. At the border, we also have our Brink’s station, which serves as an entry point for both the US and Mexico.

Q: What new trends are emerging and what would you like to introduce to the Mexican mining sector?

A: We constantly working to improve technology in our armored trucks and end to end logistic process of our services. There is much more than armor. Our fleet has GPS tracking monitored by a professional team; this technology is exclusively for mines and greatly reduces the risk of assault and theft. Even with the armored truck successfully opened, our technology makes it pretty much difficult to retrieve the load. We are moving away from sending three armored trucks with an entire armed squad to protect a company’s valuables in favor of introducing more technological solutions.

Brinks Global Services specializes in managing risk through safe and secure transportation and handling of valuables.

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