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Show Who We Are to Explain What We Do

By Jorge Luis Cristerna Medina - MULTILED
Operations Director


By Jorge Cristerna | Dirección de Operaciones - Tue, 05/02/2023 - 11:00

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It is a fact that, I'm sure, everyone in the mining sector has been talking about a lot. They talk about it in their internal meetings, at every big industry event, and even when they get together with friends and family: The General Image of Mining. 

Mining has been tagged in many different ways for some time now, including:

  • Mining is very dangerous and costs lives.

  • Mining affects too many people around the locations where it takes place.

  • Mining heavily damages the environment, pollutes and destroys, and does not care.

  • Mining is only for profit: people’s well-being is not important at all. 

To counter these opinions, there are a lot of facts that show exactly the opposite:


According to Camimex, in 2021, the mining industry registered 1.01 accidents for every 100 workers.

In Mexico, the average accident rate is 1.54 for every 100 workers, according to IMSS.

It is no surprise that, in an industry where the activities are dangerous, safety is the main interest and the results show responsible and safe operations. 


Mining brings community development to locations around the mine operation, a lot of small providers emerge to meet the needs created by the mine,  and many mining groups provide job opportunities for the community. They also address well-being by bringing clinics, sport centers and even art to communities, creating a positive transformation. 


Mining uses incredibly advanced techniques and technology to ensure the intelligent use of water, responsible management of polluting elements and when the mine closes, the company has plans in place to remedy the environment, even reintroducing plants and animals. 

The People:

Training, development and everything that revolves around people in mining are very important. It is well known in the mining sector that if a worker is not well, the consequences can be significant , even fatal, so taking care of people and doing it methodically is vital  for most mining companies.

Yes, there is still a lot to do, with a great deal of  space for improvement, but why are there still a lot of people who do not take note of  these positive facts about mining?

To tell you the truth, I didn't start my professional life in the mining Industry, and I didn't know those and other very interesting facts about the sector. It may sound strange, but a lot of people do not understand that mining is present everywhere, in their own house, car, or office. Almost everything is made from components that come from mining activities. 

Maybe the problem is that we have not effectively communicated this fact, and I'm not talking about PR or writing a few articles.

Sometimes we have to show who we are to explain what we do. 

Branding gives us differentiation, creates loyalty and even encourages a sense of identity; without a powerful and unique brand, a company struggles in the market. 

Our brand represents  us: Are we innovative? Are we simple and clean? Are we trustworthy? All these  things are associated in people's minds thanks to our brand and what it symbolizes.

Your company name is important, but it lacks power if it does not become a brand. Only then will it be associated with certain attributes or values, making it easier and more effective to then  communicate all the good things we are doing through mining. 

I said before that, sometimes, showing who we are is the best way to explain what we do, but, then again, who are we? If we do not know the answer to that very important question, how are our clients, our people, the community and everyone around supposed to know? 

Sometimes we are so busy working that we forget who we are, we get lost and then we do not communicate correctly what we do and are subsequently misunderstood.  If we use our branding correctly, we could send a clear message to our clients, our people, the community and everyone around us. 

A brand creates family: it gives us values to share and use along the way, to be responsible regarding what we do while we're doing it. 

A brand gives us a goal, the biggest one: it shows our vision, where we are going, and helps us to stop, think and evaluate if we are on the right path or not so we can always correct and continue. 

A Brand gives us meaning, it shows us the real reason why we are doing what we are doing, shows us our mission and reinforces what we can do together. 

So maybe, just maybe, we need to work in our own brand so we can all collectively show everyone the good things that come from mining. 

Here are some questions for you that, I hope, will help you in building or strengthening your brand:

  1. Is everyone perceiving your company as it really is? 

  2. Is your business aligned with your values, your goal, your mission and, importantly, your message?

  3. Are you communicating a real promise that you work hard to accomplish?

  4. Are you consistent in what you do and what you communicate all the time?

The answers to these questions are really important because they can show us if what we do is really who we are

Photo by:   Jorge Luis Cristerna Medina

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