Joaquin Patron
Director General
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Signal Sent: How Satellite Tech Benefits Mining

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 12:52

Q: How has the IoT impacted operations and development in the mining industry?
A: Technology today is helping us take information from point A to point B. The important part is centralizing all the information so that it can be processed. The problem we have encountered in the mining sector is that most operations take place in remote locations with little or no access to teleconnections. This means that much of the data gathered in the field, stays in the field, and that information is not available to have an impact on decision-making. IoT allows the centralization of that data that was once stuck in the field, making it available in real time any place in the world.
Q: How does Ankla help secure information and reduce the vulnerability of miners’ data?
A: Vulnerabilities occur when data and connections are housed on public networks. The internet is like walking in a mall, where everybody can see your activity. The vulnerability of the data decreases when it is transferred to a private network. It has to be physically separated from the network. We create a private network using satellite and then the client decides what security protocols it wants to implement and how it wants to receive the information.