Rudolf Michel
Global Technical Manager
Global Wear Solutions

Small Components Can Provide Big Results

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 13:35

Mining is typically carried out in a rough environment and something as simple as a rusty screw can lead to a day of maintenance, hurting operations. New technology is helping lower these downtimes, says Rudolf Michel, Global Technical Manager of Global Wear Solutions. “Maintenance can take up to eight hours when trying to release rusted screws using torches and grinders. Innovative products, such as our easy-to-release screws, can reduce this time to only four hours.”
Time is money in any industry and Global Wear’s priority is to help companies use this resource effectively. The company, relying on its 42-year experience in the Australian mining industry, has developed solutions that need to be replaced less often. By addressing common issues like corrosion in conveyor belts and increasing the quality of the rubber in its products, Michel says the benefits for operators can be significant. “Our products last 30 percent longer while being 30 percent cheaper than those offered by manufacturing leaders,” he says. “We always endeavor not only to provide products but solutions based on wise investments that are beneficial in the longer run.” The company categorizes its products into three lines: conveyor solutions, wear and corrosion protection and rubber linings.
Global Wear recently made the leap to Mexico, hoping to replicate its success in Australia. Michel says that, although it is difficult to launch a new product in a traditional industry, the company has established a local partner and several clients after only six months in the market. “Through trials and presentations, we are showing operators in Mexico the results that we have reaped in Australian mines, and we are gaining their trust,” he says. “We will continually enhance our product quality to achieve market leadership in Mexico just as we did in other countries.” It is already working with CMBJ Peña Colorado, a collaborative project between Ternium and ArcelorMittal.
Michel says this formula works because the Australian mining industry is similar to Mexico. In both countries, mining is an important economic factor. Australia has over 150 mines with a wide range of metals. Australian companies have a large presence in Africa and are now starting to increase their presence in Mexico with increasing connectivity. “It used to be a lot more expensive to fly from Australia to Mexico but it is becoming more viable,” he says. “Considering the similarities and facilities in connectivity, Australian companies are increasingly interested in entering Mexico.”