Jesús Raigosa Alatorre
Sales Director
NCH México and Central America

Solvents and Degreasers Enhance Environmental Performance

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 12:07

Mining companies are becoming increasingly more aware of the impact their operations can have on the environment. Every day companies are searching for new products that can help them preserve the ecosystem in the areas where their mining operations are located. In order to keep the facilities and equipment running at optimum level, the mining industry has to use oil-based chemicals, lubricants, and industrial cleaning products which can be detrimental to the environment. This has compelled the industry to look for suppliers that can provide high quality and environmentally friendly maintenance and repair products.

NCH manufactures and markets an extensive line of industrial and institutional maintenance solutions ranging from water treatment to oil field services and welding alloys. The company has been able to strengthen its position in the mining sector due to its diversified product portfolio. Its main specialty for the mining industry is the fabrication of oil-based lubricants, although the company has recently introduced a line of solvents and grease dissolvents in order to provide high quality maintenance to all mining equipment. “NCH water-based solvents and degreasers are all manufactured under environmental guidelines because we understand the needs of the industry and know how these types of products can affect the ecosystem when they are left behind, so we strive to make our products completely harmless for the environment,” says Jesús Raigosa Alatorre, Sales Director at NCH for Mexico and Central America.

NCH also provides water treatment systems for effluent and process waters. The company expanded its horizons by looking for new technologies that could minimize pollution levels in such waters. The system it developed is called Bioamp, which is designed to work with life bacteria that destroy all noxious organic residues in the processed water. “Mining companies use water in different ways but at some point it will percolate through all mine levels, for this reason we want to make sure that this water is as harmless as possible,” Raigosa Alatorre comments. The company uses its automated machines to cultivate the bacteria to directly eliminate all the unwanted organic material in sumps, treatment plants or any other class of septic tank. NCH can provide chemical or biological products depending on its customers’ needs. Normally the correction process begins with chemical products and then the biological ones are added. NCH has always dealt with wastewater, although the growth of bacteria in pellets was one of its most recent developments. “Thanks to our new biotechnology we are capable of injecting 30 trillion bacteria per day, which gives us an outstanding competitive advantage,” stresses Medardo Pavón Zárate, Vice President of NCH Mexico and Central America. By using these types of preventative measures mining companies can ensure that pollution is at a minimum level and therefore mines are safe to be operated.

Two years ago the company launched Bioamp, the enzymes bio-generator, and this year it introduced Torrent 400, a water based part washer. “Every year NCH is looking to fulfill its potential since the company’s main concern is to become the leading provider of environmentally friendly products,” says Pavón Zárate. NCH will continue innovating with products, equipment systems, and eco-friendly applications to support the mining industry in this same sense.