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Sonora: Mexico’s Leading Mining State

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 12:31

Sonora is a 72-municipality state that accounts for 9.1 percent of Mexico's land mass. It contributes 3.5 percent to national GDP. Approximately 7.3 percent of those in Sonora are employed by the extractive and electricity industries, including mining. In 2016, the mining industry contributed MX$70.11 billion to Sonora's GDP. The mining industry paid one of the highest estimated salaries of MX$543.8 per day, compared to state estimated average salary of MX$288.1 and the national average of MX$333.2 per day recorded by IMSS in 2017.According to Sonora’s Ministry of Economy, the state has 40 mines in operation, 200 exploration projects and more than 5,000 mining concessions over a land mass of more than 43km2. Sonora is a leading mining state in the country, as the main copper producer and accounting for 24 percent of the total Mexican gold production.