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Sonora Is Once Again the Country’s Largest Producer of Metals

By Antonio Trujillo | Thu, 10/07/2021 - 12:17

CAMIMEX’s latest report announces that the state of Sonora is the biggest contributor to Mexico’s mining industry with an outstanding share of 34.2 percent.

In 2020, there were more mining projects in Sonora than in any other state in Mexico.  Out of 1,190 active projects across the country Sonora alone hosts 267 projects, representing 22 percent. Amongst the main metals in the state are copper, representing 81.1 percent of total production in the country, followed by Zacatecas with 8.3 percent, and San Luis Potosí with 4 percent; as well as gold representing 29.8 percent, located mainly in the mines of La Herradura, Nochebuena, and Santa Elena. Furthermore, Grupo México is the biggest operator in the state, whose Buenavista and La Caridad properties produce more than 443,000 tons of copper. 

“Sonora is above all a leader in copper production, placing well above the other [states] with more than 80 percent production in the country. We are also leaders in the production of gold, molybdenum, barite, graphite, among others,” said Jesús Martínez Rojas, Sonora’s Mining Cluster General Director, reaffirming the state’s “indisputable” position as the largest producer in the country.

CAMIMEX also reported figures that highlight the industry’s importance for the industrial GDP in the country, which accounts to a whopping 8.3 percent. Nonetheless, the Chamber has also highlighted the “unfortunate” decrease in activity and ever-shrinking numbers that have taken place in the past four years.

The report can be interpreted as a warning to industry leaders and companies alike, calling for a closer inspection in order to avoid losing Mexico’s leading position in the Top ten producing countries for an outstanding seventeen minerals, ranging from being 1st in silver production, to 6th in zinc, and 9th in copper. In fact, INEGI’s figures put Mexico’s copper production at 732,863 tons in 2020, a 4.6 percent decrease from 2019.

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Antonio Trujillo Antonio Trujillo Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst