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Sonoro Gold Announces Promising Drilling Results

By Paloma Duran | Wed, 03/17/2021 - 17:41

Sonoro Gold Corp. (Sonoro Gold) announced the test results of a drilling program at its Cerro Caliche gold project in Sonora. The program included the drilling of 32 holes that confirmed a high-grade zone at Buena Suerte, high-grade intercepts in its northern extension, continued mineralization at the El Rincón–Veta de Oro–Abejas vein and further extension of the Bellatoso zone.

“The continued expansion of the Buena Suerte Gold Zone and the positive drilling results at El Rincón and the newly identified Bellotoso zone brings us closer to our goal of developing a major bulk-tonnage, oxide gold resource with the potential to provide a source of production and revenue in the years to come,” John Darch, Chairman of Sonoro Gold, said in a press release.

At the northern extension of Buena Suerte, the drilling program identified a 200m long high-grade ore zone, which suggests the presence of an ore shoot. Highlights of the program include “SCR-186 intercepted 24.39m averaging 1.206 g/t Au, including 13.72m averaging 1.853g/t Au; SCR-187 intercepted 9.14m averaging 0.522g/t Au and 21.9g/t Ag and SCR-191 intercepted 16.77m averaging 0.451g/t Au and 3.04m averaging 0.409g/t Au,” states a company press release. Sonoro Gold said it will continue drilling and further test the continuity of this extension.

At the Japoneses drilling zone, the company identified several mineralized intersections and the extension of the zone’s western boundary where there may be a pit optimization due to the potential convergence of the Japoneses and Buena Suerte open pits. Highlights of the zone include a “drill hole SCR-198 intercepted 19.81m averaging 0.465g/t Au from surface, while approximately 50m to the south and drill hole SCR-197 intercepted 7.62m averaging 0.513g/t Au from 9.14m below surface.” Sonoro said additional drilling has been done and that new results are expected to contribute to the mineralization of the zone.

At the El Rincón vein, Sonoro Gold cut a 70m section of anomalous gold, where “a 10.67m intercept averaging 0.308g/t Au was cut between 45.72m and 56.39m.” Additionally, the drill hole SCR-175 had a similar anomalous interval and “intercepted 3.05m averaging 0.836g/t Au.”

At Veta de Oro, “drill hole SCD-045 intercepted 5.1m averaging 0.367g/t Au and 4.5m averaging 0.327g/t Au,” which confirmed the continuity of the mineralization at the El Rincón–Veta de Oro–Abejas vein. The company announced that it will continue to review this data to identify the best sections for future drilling.

Drilling in the Bellotoso vein zone consisted of four holes. The most important was SCD-044, which “intercepted 10.5m averaging 0.86g/t AuEq.” At Gloria, “drill hole SCR-179 intercepted 7.62m averaging 0.182g/t Au and SCR-181 intercepted 1.52m averaging 1.47g/t Au.” The Gloria zone will be further evaluated to determine its future actions in the northwest, where drilling has demonstrated more consistent mineralization.

“The current phase of the drill program is focused on expanding mineralized zones and upgrading the resource classification at the four main zones that Micon International will assess. At the same time, drilling is also addressing the potential pit optimization that might be achieved by combining the conceptual Japoneses and Buena Suerte open pits into one larger pit,” said Kenneth MacLeod, President and CEO of Sonoro, in a press release.


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