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SourceOne: Reining in Big Data Chaos

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 04/08/2021 - 15:57

Q: How is Eclipse Mining becoming a new standard for mining technology?

A:  At Eclipse Mining Technologies, we are developing SourceOne, a vendor-neutral industry data platform built exclusively for the mining industry. SourceOne consumes data from a wide variety of mining technologies and systems, really from any data source within the organization. Our industry data platform allows mining customers to integrate all their legacy technology sources efficiently and effectively manage the aggregated, standardized data in one central location. SourceOne provides the user the ability to see, analyze and utilize all their data across the entire value chain. This “knocking over” of the many data silos existing in the mining industry promotes productive collaboration among our customers’ employees.

Within most industries, many trends are developing to improve remote collaboration for staff; this is very much the case in the mining industry. With the growing demand for operational agility and more flexibility at work, cloud-based communication and enhanced collaboration tools provide a means for employees to send near real-time task updates. Another developing trend is rebooting the digital workplace by delivering systems that collect, manage, and prepare data for machine learning and artificial intelligence—all of this to improve and quicken decision-making. A third trend is the increased investment in software and hardware tools that facilitate employee collaboration. A fourth trend is the effort to increase the employee experience by providing collaborative, highly productive work environments that document the work completed. The last trend is that of more focus on cybersecurity technologies, processes, and procedures.

Eclipse Mining Technologies view the SourceOne industry platform as the cornerstone for providing successful remote collaboration to the mining industry. We accomplish this by providing an industry platform that integrates all of a customers legacy technology data sources and manages the data in one location. All data consumed and aggregated by SourceOne is kept very secure through SourceOne’s encrypted connection, which ensures the integrity of the data and provides customers the confidence that their data is safe and inaccessible by unauthorized users. SourceOne’s centralized access point provides for multiple on-site or off-site users. It allows them to aggregate data from any program, in any format, while tracking the data’s history and context. Finally, the SourceOne industry platform prepares and validates a customer’s data for advanced techniques or technologies. For these reasons, we believe SourceOne is the new standard for mining technology and a unique offering for the mining industry.

Q: How do your products improve stakeholder satisfaction?

A: At a mine site or office, many people access data from many different software programs across different areas. For example, you might have geologists using specific software packages unrelated to those used by the mining engineers, which are at the same time unrelated to the software packages used by the geotechnical engineers, process engineers, or other professionals. Very often, there is limited to no cross-platform access between different areas and systems. SourceOne can take data from all available software systems and make it available to any authorized user in the organization. The data resides in a centralized location and exists as a single source of truth for the organization. All of the data’s contextual history is maintained as SourceOne tracks all changes or modifications over time. The possibility for commonly used mining data to be accessed remotely and simultaneously by all users, the potential for collaborative work, the ability to easily replicate workflows – that is, auditable and online approved workflows – are not only lofty aspirations but necessary functionalities to succeed in the current remote working environment and to meet the operational objectives. These capabilities of SourceOne increase the value of data enormously, which in turn increases mine stakeholder satisfaction.

Q: How are the insights that SourceOne identifies different from those you can get from standard mine reports?

A: Of course, SourceOne provides reporting utilities, but the difference is that we allow customers to take data from a more extensive variety of sources. For example, when a mining engineer provides a report on the design criteria of a mine, the data gathered will only be made available for the process of creating that specific report or product. SourceOne takes those data sources, generated data, and workflows (along with all history and context) and makes them available to any authorized user in the organization. These data provide operators a more comprehensive picture of what their processes look like in areas such as geological modeling, mine design, mine planning, remediation design, plant operation, ore refinement, and many other areas. We may not be providing new data to our customers, but we are optimizing the use of all data in a way the company can generate its own custom reports. Many of the professionals who, in the past, were involved daily in mining operations now must fulfill their responsibilities off-site, using different technologies available in their company to remotely access operational data and support their colleagues in the production cycle. And so, systems that currently store and manage data in easily accessible databases are turning out to be particularly advantageous — this is the case for most financial and administrative information systems readily available today, which can be accessed just by having an internet connection. SourceOne makes all data and data sources more easily consumable and the resulting mine reports more robust and reliable.

Eclipse Mining Technologies develops mining software applications that address important issues such as data integration, data management, efficiencies, and how to adopt advanced intelligence technology without disrupting operations.

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