Jerjes Pantoja
Director General
Amelia Torres
Commercial Director
View from the Top

State-Of-The-Art Tech for Top-Class Environmental Assessment

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 11:07

Q: How does CAM’s modern and high-capacity environmental drilling improve its clients’ operations?
JP: Our environmental drilling fleet is one of our key differentiators as we are the only environmental consultancy certified by the Mexican Accreditations Entity (EMA) and PROFEPA to take soil, groundwater and waste sampling. These certifications bind us to fully comply with all regulations and to seek constant improvement in our operations. We are audited each year, which we find very beneficial to guarantee our clients that we work to the highest standards. We strive to be market leaders and to be recognized for our innovation. This is why we constantly invest in being at the forefront of technological advancements when it comes to machinery and procedures.
Our equipment has the versatility to develop operational monitoring plans. Also, regarding environmental liabilities, we have all the machinery to identify which factors could become problematic and to measure the degree of liability. Once this is identified, CAM has the technology and is authorized to implement in-situ remediation processes to rehabilitate the environment.
AT: We strive to offer integrated solutions that solve our clients’ problems from beginning to end. This saves them the need to look up for different providers to address different topics while helping us build long-term relationships with them. This reliance is extremely important when dealing with such sensitive matters as social ones.
Q: What is your assessment of the environmental regulatory structure for mine operations?
JP: I perceive that nowadays the mining industry is very well structured on planning for the closing of a mine. New projects comply with environmental regulations, ensuring that mine sites will be rehabilitated after their closure. Regarding social rehabilitation, I find that the industry aim is to generate community value and development so the community can begin working to ensure its economic livelihood when the mine closes. I think the regulatory framework for new operations is very comprehensive and the industry generally has good compliance levels as it is often also governed by international standards for accessing international capital.
AT: I think there has been a significant regulatory improvement for environmental matters in the last couple of years. Foreign companies venturing in the country often arrive believing that our regulatory framework is lagging, but what they find is environmental standards similar to international ones. We accompany our customers, both national and international, during the process of understanding and complying with Mexican environmental regulations, which in some cases I find are more demanding than international ones due to our biodiversity. CAM’s role is as a Mexican company that specializes in Mexican regulations due to its nationality and on international ones due to our number of foreign clients. Our goal is to be a guide and facilitator of mining projects collaborating with local communities and authorities.
Q: How does CAM’s commitment to innovation improve its client’s operations?
AM: As we innovate, we strive to have a close approach with our clients to familiarize them with our new technologies. Often it is mining companies who are looking for new methods for doing things as they aim to constantly improve their operations. We offer the innovation but also ensure provision of efficient and cost-effective technologies. We do not offer technologies just for the sake of improving sales. For us the need to help our clients to be successful in their operations always prevails.