State Government Seeks Alliance to Foster Mining in Guanajuato
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State Government Seeks Alliance to Foster Mining in Guanajuato

Photo by:   Curioso Photography
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 05/11/2022 - 15:49

Ramón Alfaro, Guanajuato’s Deputy Minister for Employment and Job Training, voiced the importance of the mining industry for the state during a recent public appearance, particularly for the Guanajuato and Leon municipalities, which are rapidly developing further mining activity. He furthermore highlighted the need to create an alliance between the private sector and the state government to develop projects and create jobs. 


Alfaro said that although mining is not the sector that contributes the most to the state’s economy, there are many opportunities to strengthen it further and make Guanajuato one of the key states in the country’s mining sector within the years to come. He added that creating alliances with the private sector could foster investment and create job opportunities for the state, among other benefits. 


According to Alfaro, the state is coming up with a plan to develop the sector and added that authorities are focusing on San Luis de La Paz, Leon and Guanajuato. He urged the private sector to consolidate the alliance. “The mining industry in Guanajuato is a lever for development,” said Alfaro. 


In 2019, Guanajuato Governor Diego Sinhué promised that under his administration, the mining sector would become a priority while fostering sustainable practices in the industry. He also announced the inclusion of mining operations to the state’s Institute for Planning Statistics and Geography (IPLANEG). “My commitment is to be closer with you and work side by side… there cannot be planning without the mining sector in Guanajuato,” Sinhué added. 


In 2020, Guanajuato ranked 11th in silver production and 10th in gold production in the country. In 2018, the state produced over 73,000oz of gold and 5Moz of silver. The state’s total mining production that year was valued at approximately US$88 million, which represented 2 percent of the state’s GDP.


The main minerals extracted in the state are gold, silver, arsenic, copper, fluorine and lead. The total mining production of the state ensures it ranks as the sixth mining producer in Mexico, reaching approximately 5 percent of the production. Endeavour Silver is the main mining investor in the state. The company operates the underground mines of El Cubo and Bolañitos near Guanajuato’s capital. 

Photo by:   Curioso Photography

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