Jaime Ramírez
Director General
Mettler Toledo
View from the Top

Stricter Norms Call For Higher Precision Tools

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 12:09

Q: What are the main needs of the industry in terms of technology and analysis equipment?
A: One of the biggest challenges for the industry is compliance as projects need to meet a wide variety of national and international standards before starting production. Measuring environmental impact is particularly tricky as companies must prove their ability to minimize risks before gaining a concession. Finding a middle point between controlling these risks and maximizing productivity is not easy and we can facilitate these processes by providing equipment with a high level of accuracy.
Q: What opportunities have you identified in the Mexican mining industry?
A: The cyclicality of the mining industry greatly impacts investment. This can cause companies to struggle with the lack of capital during the lows. Mettler Toledo continuously works to improve its ability to provide solutions and help companies overcome these challenges. We can help operators adapt to IoT, also known as Industry 4.0.
We have the ability to measure and weigh using a scale that ranges from 16 decimals to thousands of tons. The company has over 55 technicians in the country. We just established a team in Sonora that is solely dedicated to the mining industry. Our specialists can help companies negotiate the changes in technology and legal requirements thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. We can also help weigh material for distribution and exportation.
Q: How does your equipment compare to what already exists in the market?
A: We are the market’s premium service providers. Our company is a blend of fine swiss technology and robust industrial knowledge from the US. All our equipment is developed with extensive R&D and is highly functional. We have a support system that monitors projects and the state of our equipment to offer the best services to our clients. The company also provides inspection services but these are less demanded by the mining industry. Mettler Toledo is certified by the EMA and several associations as well. We are working on improving our ability to read PH and oxygen levels and improving data acquisition systems that can integrate with our IoT services. The company has a variety of clients it can serve from operators to third party laboratories. We understand that while there are companies like Industrias Peñoles that have the size and capital to have their own laboratories, there are smaller companies that need the support of external laboratories. It can make more sense for companies as it reduces the costs of updating and maintaining equipment required by inhouse laboratories.
Q: What are the industry’s main concerns when it comes to the use and management of data?
A: All industries, including mining, should keep an eye on the advancements of the privacy law that was approved in Europe. A similar regulation could be implemented in Mexico but not in the near future. Companies were given only a month to incorporate the new requirements regarding use of data as stated in the privacy law and to inform their users. The use of data is becoming increasingly limited as governments release new legal frameworks for technology. In Mexico, we are trying to remain one step ahead by predicting these kinds of changes. Our databases are sophisticated enough to adapt easily to these new systems.
Q: What are Mettler Toledo’s top mining goals for the near term?
A: We are always open to receiving new clients and want to expand our share by being present at the biggest mining events of the industry. The mining industry differs greatly from other sectors. Directors are often quite hard to access because they are constantly traveling and visiting mines. Being present at conferences and events is one of the best ways to position a company in the sector. We want to penetrate the market even more and expand in Sonora. The Mexican mining industry is experiencing a unique time. It is attracting many international companies and investment.