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Systems to Optimize Mining Operations

By Paloma Duran | Mon, 02/15/2021 - 15:38

Q: What does TAKRAF Group offer the mining sector?

A: TAKRAF Group is a recognized global organization. We have remained among the industry’s main allies by adapting the best technologies to our services and products. Our broad portfolio allows us to custom-design solutions for our clients that help them achieve operational efficiencies. We offer the best products in the industry by identifying our clients’ needs from the very start and ensuring the delivery of complete systems and products. When we first started, we were more involved in the largest expansion projects in Mexico and now we are also focusing on revamping old equipment to improve the operational efficiency of these operations.

Q: What added value does TAKRAF’s partnership with DELKOR offer the mining sector with the Complete Dry Stack Tailings System?

A: DELKOR is a fully integrated and specialized product brand of TAKRAF focused on liquid/solid separation and in combination with our TAKRAF branded products we are able to supply sedimentation, filtration and material handling equipment. We, at TAKRAF Group, refer to our approach as ‘The Complete Dry Stack Tailings System’ rather than the supply of individual units of equipment.  We strongly believe in a ‘systems’ approach to the application of Dry Stack Tailings (DST) for tailings management. For some time, we have observed that tailings dams may result in several major environmental and social issues. Mining companies look at the adaptation of new technology in a holistic way. The design of a DST circuit is complex and requires a thorough understanding of all the unit processes involved. We suggest first carrying out a conceptual study or basic engineering analysis, where we provide information such as the type of equipment companies would need. We give them the option of acquiring our equipment. If they do not want to purchase the equipment, we still offer them our expertise by providing them information the precise equipment they may need by performing a study. We at TAKRAF Group want to ensure this system works, and therefore, we provide advice on the best ways to optimize mining operations.

Q: What are the benefits of implementing the Complete Dry Stack Tailings System in mines?

A: We believe this system provides significant environmental and social benefits. Other benefits include a financial element because companies can implement this system when they do not have enough space to continue dumping their tailings. Otherwise, they would need to purchase more land. This system might eliminate that need. The Complete Dry Stack Tailings System is the best option for companies to be environmentally and socially friendly.

Q: What are the main challenges of implementing a complete DST system in Mexico?

A: We have found that the technological challenges change depending on the project and its location. For instance, if a company is doing a project in Brazil, it will be very different from Mexico, mainly due to the land composition.  TAKRAF starts at the beginning and takes samples. We then conduct further studies to determine what system would be the most suitable for the project. In Mexico, the challenges are that the DST system is still relatively new and has not been implemented widely. Moreover, companies sometimes believe it is an additional cost. TAKRAF is constantly explaining the benefits of the system.

Q: What is the role of TAKRAF’s technical offices and how does this structure allow it to offer better products?

A: We have 25 technical offices around the world. This is because we have different types of equipment and the evaluation and production of these depend on the regulations, resources and requirements of each country. For example, we have flotation cells in India, sizers in Germany and conveyor systems that can be made in the US, Chile and Germany. At TAKRAF, we have special teams that are experts in equipment and are constantly creating and incorporating new technologies. Therefore, when TAKRAF offers a product, we generally consult these offices because they likely have improved the products by extensive R&D.

Q: What is the added value of the DELKOR BQR flotation cell with MAXGen mechanism and how does it compare with others in the mining market?

A: DELKOR has modernized the product by significantly improving the mechanism. The MAXGen mechanism is able to generate a massive flow of air bubbles with optimum size distribution, this facilitates the flotation of fine and coarse particles equally, while keeping the solids in suspension efficiently. This maximizes the probability of bubble-particle interaction. We have also implemented deeper high slope launders to obtain an easier froth flow and a faster extraction. There are many companies that also offer this product. What differentiates us is that we have improved the process time and we have the best technology for it.

Q: How does the TAKRAF Mining Technology Center (TMTC) help mining companies to identify the best technical solutions for their projects?

A: The TAKRAF Mining Technology Center (TMTC) is our highly skilled and experienced team to conduct studies to arrive at the most effective plan and determine the equipment that is best suited for their specific needs for building and operating mechanized and automated material transport and dumping schemes. Later, if they accept our advice, we then work closely with them to understand their needs across the entire process. Moreover, for TAKRAF it is very important to study the current mining conditions of the company and where they can expect it to be in the future, let’s say in 20 years.

Q: What goals does TAKRAF want to achieve in the next year?

A: 2020 was a very successful year because we were able to participate in some major projects in Mexico where we used thickeners to optimize water recovery as well as an efficient bulk material handling project in an important port in Mexico. We want to continue demonstrating to our clients how they can save money in their operations, especially in relation to water management. We hope that 2021 will be one of our most successful years and we want to show what TAKRAF can offer. In addition, we want to continue increasing the useful life of equipment and systems for mining companies, which is an added value that we offer.

TAKRAF Group is a global German industrial company based in Leipzig. It is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment and systems for open pit mining, bulk material handling, and minerals processing.

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