Ryan Lougheed
General Manager
Walden Equipment
View from the Top

Tension Services in High Demand as New Mines Open

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 12:02

Q: As a leading tension services provider, what are the specific requirements that Mexican mining companies expect from your solutions, and which solutions helped you enter the market?

A: We have recently started providing tension services in Mexico, such as ropes for the mine hoist. Our tensioning services help Mexican mining companies meet legal requirements, specific engineering requirements, and the safety requirements for mine hoists. New mines are being opened in Mexico, which has led to new shafts being dug and new headframes and hoists being installed. The new regulations that govern the installation of these mine shafts have allowed our company to enter Mexico.

Q: Many advances in the Mexican mining mentality took place once Canadian companies arrived here. How do you view this exchange of information and mining best practices?

A: There have been natural advantages for Mexico since the arrival and expansion of the Canadian mining manufacturing sector, but the traffic has not all been one way as Canadian companies have also taken home certain advantages from this country. The additional due diligence for equipment procurement which exists in Mexico has influenced the way that this is done back in Canada. Certain status quo safety regulations in Canada are now more evolved in Mexico. Communication has become so much more fluent that experiences drawn from any mining environment in the world can quickly be shared and built upon in any other region.

Q: Do you have any new products coming onto the market that cater to evolving demands?

A: In early 2014, we unveiled our narrow-vein series of scoops and trucks. Our scoops come in 1.25 yard and 2.5 yard options and our trucks range from seven tonnes to 20 tonnes. In terms of evolving mining demands, the needs of each mine are like snowflakes; they can each be completely different. The size and dimensions of veins in different mines will require utterly different applications. As more mines are being discovered and opened up, more demand is being created for our narrow vein line of equipment. To convince customers to buy our equipment in Mexico, service has proved itself to be the most important variable. Companies need to show mining firms that they can provide spare parts with consistent reliability at a competitive cost. Given this scenario, Walden has thrived by keeping its equipment simple. A lot of new technology is currently entering the mining industry, but sometimes new-fangled equipment will not cut it. For example, a very moist mining environment can wreak havoc on computers and controls. This is why we maintain equipment with simple parts that can easily be serviced, without the need to fix an entire computer. The hallmark of our equipment is that it is strong, durable, and serviceable.