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Tocvan Ventures Identifies Great Potential in Sonora

By Karin Dilge | Thu, 07/07/2022 - 14:22

Brodie Sutherland, CEO, Tocvan Ventures explained the development and initial success of the company’s projects: El Pilar and El Picacho, both located in Sonora, Mexico.

Tocvan Ventures is an early-stage natural resources company engaged in acquiring, exploring, and developing mineral properties. In Sonora, the company is developing gold and silver projects with the support of local experts and leaders in the mining-focused state. Sutherland mentions that the company had been looking all over the world to start a mining project and chose Sonora because of its established and strong mining culture.

Sutherland points out that Mexico ranks first in Latin America for exploration investment, first in global silver production and stands proudly among the top 10 gold producers. Moreover, Sonora is the top gold producer in Mexico, producing 37 percent of the yellow metal. Sonora is the host to two major mining projects: La Herradura and San Francisco.

In 2019, Tocvan acquired El Pilar and began drilling in 2020. Sutherland noted that at Pilar, the company's exploration program has been remarkably successful. “Tocvan Ventures has all the elements needed to create success. With two quality assets and a terrific team, we see tremendous opportunity in Mexico. My goal for this year is to entice local developers to see the potential I see in our projects and make them shareholders of Tocvan. Secondly, I aim to advance Pilar toward its first resource estimate. We are still in an early stage of growth, so there is a lot of opportunity ahead,” said Sutherland.

Pilar and El Picacho are Tocvan’s two Mexican exploration projects. Pilar is a gold-silver project where over 22km of drilling has been completed to date. It is located in the Sonora Gold District, the country’s most prolific gold production district. El Picacho is a gold-silver project, located 140km norths of Hermosillo and spanning over 2,400ha. Five primary zones of gold-silver mineralization have already been identified at the project.

Although El Picacho is an early-stage project, the company’s expectations are optimistic. Tocvan sees it a strong exploration project that has seen very little drilling historically. “El Picacho is at a perfect point for Tocvan to take over and move toward drilling soon. The company would like to start drilling by November 2022, beginning with some strong targets,” said Sutherland.

“We have over 6km of a prospective trend that we would like to focus on. El Picacho is a big property, over 24km² in size. We see many similarities in terms of host rocks and geology with the highly prolific San Francisco mine,” Sutherland added. The company fully expects to intersect mineralization. Nevertheless, El Picacho holds a type of deposit that would require time to define how big its potential could be.

Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst